Introduction: Artist Edition Monster Fluffy by Horrible Adorables

We would like to introduce Monster Fluffy, an artist design model created in collaboration with INSTINCTOY x HORRIBLE ADORABLES.

This is a collaboration of INSTINCTOY with HORRIBLE ADORABLES, a husband and wife artist collective based in the United States.

<Artist introduction>

HORRIBLE ADORABLES is a brand launched by the couple Jordan and Christopher, and they are known for their unique and adorable works. After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art, the two were strongly influenced by toys, monsters, fairy tales, patterns, and more. While embarking on their journey on the path of art, they established their style by expressing their love through unique art creations.

Following HORRIBLE ADORABLES’ invitation to collaborate, HORRIBLE ADORABLES liked INSTINCTOY's latest original character Monster Fluffy. We also felt that the form of Monster Fluffy would be very compatible with HORRIBLE ADORABLES’ stylizing. With this in mind, we were able to proceed with the project.

HORRIBLE ADORABLES was able to produce a mold by modifying the original 3D prototype data of INSTINCTOY’s Monster Fluffy, and duplicate the parts using resin and rigid foam as the base of the main body.

After some discussion, the colorful theme “Fantasia” was decided upon to be the color palette.

Hand-cut 5 color felt fabric.

After calculation, the artist will affix each piece of fabric on the main body with the designed arrangement and color scheme.

Approximately 530 felt pieces are arranged on the body by the artists’ skilled craftsmanship.

Here is the completed design.

The vividly colorful design is arranged to wrap around the whole body, beautifully expressing HORRIBLE ADORABLES’ artistic view of Monster Fluffy’s coat.

Although it looks simple, the three-dimensional appearance of the profile is completely reproduced, and both arms can be moved within the same range of movement as the INSTINCTOY soft vinyl version of Monster Fluffy.

The pink flock applied on both hands and feet is also something to behold. The claws and fangs are made from resin, while rigid foam is used to make the body. The figure also has 18mm diameter doll eyes. Using four different materials, the expression of the figure is achieved.

This Monster Fluffy is about 173mm in total height and is one size larger than the regular soft vinyl version (total height about 140mm).

For the product package design, HORRIBLE ADORABLES shared ideas with INSTINCTOY to give it a cute finishing.

The production count is limited to 100. The products are scheduled to be produced individually by HORRIBLE ADORABLES starting from November. It will be completed in January 2021 as it will take about 3 months to complete the production of 100 pieces. The products will be shipped in early February 2021.

The selling price is 35,000 yen including tax + (* Direct shipping fee from the United States: 4,800 yen for Asia, and US$16.00 to the US)

* For the purpose of reducing transportation time, we plan to ship directly to customers from HORRIBLE ADORABLES.

* Kindly note that shipping charges may vary due to price revisions of shipping companies. 

[How to purchase]

This product will be sold as a new lottery product for INSTINCTOY in October, and applications will be accepted from October 23rd to 25th. The winning announcement is scheduled for October 30th.

Winners are requested to pay a deposit of 10,000 yen by November 5th. The reservation will be completed when the deposit is paid. We do not accept cancellation of products. In addition, please note that we cannot accept refund requests of the deposit for any reason.

Please pay the remaining balance of 25,000 yen + shipping fee in late January 2021 when production is scheduled to be completed.

* Kindly note that shipping charges may vary due to price revisions of shipping companies.

Also, the latest Monster Fluffy "Black and Black Clear" + fluffy "Black" set will be on sale at the same time in the October lottery.