Information regarding the POPMART x INSTINCTOY products

We will be selling two of the latest POP MART x INSTINCTOY products via lottery sales for domestic customers.

POP MART x INSTINCTOY "SHOCK" movable pin badges (3 types in a set)

Price: 2,310 yen 

Since the September 11 launch of the immensely popular "SHOCK" blind box series, we have completed the new movable Pin Badge Series; which is an extension of the "SHOCK" series.

From the "SHOCK" series, we have selected 3 characters, "Muckey" & "CURIO" & "GYAWO", which have impressive articulation. We designed the badges with the figures' mobility in mind. Each movable part can be displayed as desired, so you can enjoy the badges like they are the actual figures.

The products are housed in a PVC packaging which is designed according to the image of each character. Even when displayed as-is, it looks very cute.

POP MART 10th Anniversary Muckey "GENERATIONS"

Price: 13,200 yen

In commemoration of POP MART's 10th anniversary, we created this collaboration piece. The design concept stemmed from the original size of Muckey (total height about 21 cm) that INSTINCTOY has been releasing since 2013, and the mini sized Muckey from the POP MART blind box series, with the theme of "GENERATIONS".

We wish for further growth of POP MART, and designed it with the desire to continue to be a brand loved by all ages and gender. The colourway is the same as Muckey "Fantasia" from the "SHOCK" blind box series released in September. The body is studded with 10 stars signifying the 10th anniversary and the figure glows in the dark. The packaging has been given great attention to detail, so please look forward to it.

Muckey "GENERATIONS" which went on sale in mainland China yesterday, complements the blind BOX series Muckey "Fantasia" released earlier in September. Although the release time is different, the composition of the two models were conceptualised during the design process.

For collectors of the “SHOCK” series Muckey, we look forward to seeing you display it with the latest Muckey "GENERATIONS".

Tonight in Japan, this product will be sold by lottery along with 3 new movable pin badges. International customers please contact your local POP MART retailer for more information.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Due to the regional restrictions, we can only ship within Japan for this lottery sale. International customers who wish to purchase, please contact POP MART or your local POP MART retailer for more information.

Thank you for your support!