Information regarding available products and the sales method at TTF 2020 [20th-22nd Nov.]

We will participate in the Taipei Toy Festival (TTF2020) which will be held in Taipei (Taiwan) from November 20th to 22nd.

We have prepared a variety of new products for TTF this year!

The INSTINCTOY booth [A111] is located on the right side of the front entrance of Building A, which is the same as last year. * Booth outlined in red below.

In consideration to COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures, we ask for the cooperation of all customers participating in the event to:

1. Wear a mask throughout the event duration

2. Screen body temperature (Temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees will not be allowed entry)

3. Use your actual identification name for venue admission

Individuals who are unable to comply with the prevention measures will be refused admission. Hand sanitizer will be available on-site for usage, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in the venue.

Please bring spare masks to avoid being unable to enter the venue in the event of loss or damage of your mask. If you are unable to maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter outside the venue, please wear a mask.

For the safety of all customers visiting the INSTINCTOY booth, we may refuse entry at the booth or sales to customers who cannot comply with the epidemic prevention measures.

We seek your attention and cooperation.

Next, we would like to inform you about the products we are planning to sell and how to sell them.

【Sales Method】

The sales method at the INSTINCTOY booth can be broadly divided into two types: <First-Come-First-Served Sales> and <Lottery Sales>.

The <First-Come-First-Served Products>, will mainly be mini-sized products of around 1200 TWD and below. For product details please see the list below.

<Lottery Products> are products that are over 1400 TWD. In addition to our latest works, we also offer final sales of rare products that have been stocked in small quantities for TTF. Following the <First-come-first-served product list>, the <Lottery-sale product list> is also attached below, so please have a look at the product details and the lottery participation method.

※ Lottery sales are only available on the first and second days of the event. From the third day onwards, products in stock will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, and we will stop the sale once the products are sold out.

【First-come-first-served product list】

* Sales will end as soon as each product’s stock run out.

【List of lottery sale products on the first day】

* Inventory will be divided between the first and second days.

[About the queue line for INSTINCTOY]

On the first and second days, a dedicated queue line for INSTINCTOY will be set up outside the venue (East Building 2A) to prevent congestion and confusion inside the venue. Customers who wish to purchase first-come-first-served and lottery products at the INSTINCTOY booth will be asked to enter the venue based on the regulations of the event management team, and have the re-entry stamp stamped on the back of their hand at the exit, before proceeding to the area marked by the red circle on the map to queue up.

INSTINCTOY staff will check with each customer in the waiting line to confirm if there is a re-entry stamp on the back of their hand. Please note that customers without a re-entry stamp will not be able to queue in the INSTINCTOY exclusive waiting line.

[About lottery / sequence numbered ticket distribution method]

We will distribute wristband type lottery/sequence numbered tickets to the first 900 people between 10:00 to 13:00 on the first and second days of the event. The lottery / sequence numbered tickets will be distributed in sequence to all customers who participate in <first-come-first-served basis> and <lottery sale>The waiting line area dedicated to INSTINCTOY is located outside the venue. Please note that when the lottery ticket distribution deadline (13:00) is reached, distribution of lottery tickets will be stopped even if the distribution to 900 people is not completed.

Customers who have received a lottery ticket must register for the lottery at the “Lottery reception desk” situated on the cashier side. Only after the number listed on the lottery ticket is registered at the lottery reception desk, the lottery application is completed.

※Please note that customers who have not officially registered for the lottery at the lottery reception desk, will not be able to participate in the lottery even if they have a wristband type lottery ticket.

【About the lottery sales method and lottery participation rules】

・ Purchasing with the intention of reselling is strictly prohibited.

・ Distribution of wristband type lottery tickets will be limited to 900 people, first come first served.

・ Only one wristband-type lottery ticket per person.

・ INSTINCTOY staff will put on the wrist band lottery ticket for each customer on either hand.

・ Customers are not allowed to break the wristband or take it off. If the wristband has been taken off or defaced, we will disqualify the entry. Please keep it safe.

・ After wearing the wristband, the lottery application registration will be completed when the number is registered at the reception desk.

・ Even if you wear a wristband, customers who do not have a registered number will not be able to participate in the lottery.

・ Customers under the age of 15 cannot participate in the lottery. If necessary, we may ask you to confirm with your ID.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 

The winners will be announced at 15:00.

We will announce the lottery winners at 15:00 on the same day and post the pictures of the winners’ numbers on our Instagram. Please check these platforms to see the results.

We will also put the winners’ announcement sheet on the notice board at our booth for customers who are unable to access our announcement page on the internet.

We would be very appreciative if customers can check the lottery results digitally to minimise congestion at our booth.

We will start selling the prize items at 15:30. Please queue up according to the order listed on the winner announcement sheet. We are planning to open 2 payment counters. Please follow the instructions of the staff.

To shorten the waiting time, we will limit shopping time to a maximum of 3 mins per customer. We estimate that around 20 customers can make their payment within 30 mins. The time schedule for every winner will be set according to this estimate.

<Estimated sales schedule according to winning number>

15: 30 ~ = 1st winner ~ 20th winner

16: 00 ~ = 21st winner ~ 40th winner

16: 30 ~ = 41st winner ~ 60th winner

17: 00 ~ = 61st winner ~ 80th winner

※ Depending on our available stocks, there is a possibility that customers who are in line after the 81st winner may not be able to purchase any items. Please be aware of this.

17: 30 ~ = 81st winner ~ 110th winner

18:00 ~ = 111th winner ~ 140th winner

(※Sales will be closed when our available stock for the day runs out.)

<<Lottery sales rules for winners>>

・Regardless of the total amount, customers can only purchase a maximum of 1 item from each category A,B,D and 2 items from category C.

・Customers can purchase a maximum of one piece, of any one item.

・We will verify every winners’ lottery ticket number when they make their purchase.

・Customers will be given 3 mins to decide what they want.

・Customers are not allowed to use their phone at the order desk.

・Customers should decide what to order by themselves. Please do not consult or contact other people at the order desk.

・Our stocks are limited and we will close our sales when all the products are sold out.

After the third day of the event, all products will be sold on a <first come first served> basis. Sales will end when all the products are sold out.

Inquiries about the lottery sales methods and rules →

We look forward to your visit and participation this year.