We would like to introduce the latest work scheduled to be released on May 14th.

MOLLY is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. At this memorable time, we will collaborate with Kenny Wong again.

In 2016, we collaborated with Kenny. With Molly as the base, wearing costumes of INSTINCTOY original characters and it's crown eroded by LIQUID, “EROSION MOLLY” was born.

With the support of so many customers, 10 types of EROSION MOLLY series were released from 2016 to 2020. __ types of MINI EROSION MOLLY, 3 types of ICE EROSION MOLLY, and 3 types of MINI ICE EROSION MOLLY were released in 2018 as a sub-design from the EROSION MOLLY. In addition, 1 type each of the keychain mini-figure BABY EROSION MOLLY & BABY ICE EROSION MOLLY were released. In 2020, MEGA EROSION MOLLY was released as a large soft vinyl work with a total height of 60 cm.

All of the series types launched were very well received and sold out in a blink of an eye immediately after their release, they have been truly loved by many people.

In 2021 this year!

In collaboration with POP MART, a company that continues to spread and expand the popularity of MOLLY around the world focusing on the blind box series, a special blind box project of "EROSION MOLLY" has been completed.

The title of this series is "EROSION MOLLY COSTUME".

Based on the concept of "EROSION MOLLY" for the series, we designed costumes of INSTINCTOY original characters and finished them cutely with the concept of "Kigurumi" (full-body onesies). Of the 12 normal series, 11 use the existing INSTINCTOY original character as a base.

In addition, we have designed a special character for this blind box project.

The name is "Milly".

Here are the key points to focus on for this series:

We have prepared a special secret version for all types of the normal series.

One of the joys of the blind box is the excitement of not knowing what you will get at random.

When a customer buys a 12-piece box, they must be hoping to get the secret design!

In response to this collector psychology, in this special blind box project with MOLLY if a customer purchases a case of 12 unopened blind boxes, one of the 12 boxes will be a special color that is extremely rare.

What's more, its probability rate is 1/144.

Which super rare design will you get when you purchase one case? Please enjoy the excitement.


EROSION MOLLY and ICE EROSION MOLLY, which inspired the creation of this blind box project, are inserted as an ultra-rare secret with a probability rate of 1/288, which is lower than the special colors.

Please enjoy the probability of the super-secret figure, only one of them is inserted in one master carton (12 boxes / 144 pieces).

There are 12 normal types + 12 special types, plus 2 secret types, making it a total of 26 types, this a magnificent series.

Five years after the creation of EROSION MOLLY in 2016, it has grown into a character that is loved and supported by many customers.

Earlier we introduced the whole series and the "probability details". Next, we will introduce the most important point, which is the ingenuity of the work.

The biggest focus is MOLLY's "face".

This is the part that received the most attention when creating the INSTINCTOY EROSION MOLLY. It was specifically communicated to POP MART that attention should be focused on the skin color, and the depth of the eyes (3-dimensional effect), even if this is a blind box sized product.

As a result, the face, hair, eyeballs are produced in separate parts and the skin color is made in a specific moulded color. In this way, we finished it with a high quality that surpasses a blind box sized product.

The playfulness that symbolizes "Costume", which is also the title of this series, is that all the character's hats are removable and can be exchanged with other characters. Please play with them with the idea of changing clothes. If you line up the hat collection, it looks adorable.

Also, some characters come with EROSION MONSTER accessories that create a world view, please display them together.

Almost all the limbs of the characters are moveable, please enjoy the poses. The ICE LIQUID MOLLY, which has the concept of an ice fairy, has a ball joint structure in its limbs allowing for cute poses that make it look like it is dancing. It is also possible to place the characteristic ICE LIQUID on the head as a hat, please try it. The beauty is in the transparency of all the clear parts!

There are many glow-in-the-dark characters within!!

All 26 types are packed with special characteristics, we hope you will enjoy holding the actual item.

Please view the photo gallery here:

【EROSION MOLLY COSTUME inc Molly(size 23〜26cm tall)】

In commemoration of the release of the blind box series, inc Molly, one of the symbolic characters of this series, will be released in a regular size of about 23 cm tall.

In order to show the concept of "costume", in addition to the inc costume hat, a MOLLY crown eroded by 4 LIQUIDs is also included. The total height with a crown placed on is 26 cm tall.

In addition, this regular size version has movable eyeballs, so you can change the line of sight!

The color chosen is Fantasia, which is the secret color for the blind box series. Since it is glow-in-the-dark, it emits beautiful light even in the dark. 

In view of the estimated time of arrival, this work is scheduled to be released in Japan in late May.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Due to the regional restrictions, we can only ship within Japan for this sale. International customers who wish to purchase, please contact POP MART or your local POP MART retailer for more information.

Thank you for your support!