【BORN TO LOVE x INSTINCTOY】Erosion Marsper Collaboration Project

Marsper, a subsidiary of BORN TO LOVE, collaborated last year with popular artist Hua Chenyu who is followed by 40 million people on Weibo. After a year on its first anniversary, we collaborated with Marsper. 

This collaboration work is based on the original "Marsper" body that has already been released, and incorporates the idea of "EROSION costume-dressing" combined with the symbolic elements of INSTINCTOY. The winged body, which has the design of a cute monster, has a liquid body and a tail based on INSTINCTOY's original monster VINCENT. The lower body is based on the concept of ice cubes being eroded by the EROSION MONSTER “ICE LIQUID”, with the EROSION MONSTER “LIQUID” sitting prominently on the head. With the concept of energy, an EROSION MONSTER “THUNDER LIQUID” is designed on the body of the original heart-shaped pistol, held in the right hand. The concept of "EROSION costume-dressing" uses the characteristics of INSTINCTOY's original characters, boldly adding fun to the design, making it a perfect match with "Marsper". Please watch the interview video.

Here is the completed work. The Fantasia color, luxurious chrome plating, transparency of the lower body, and the degree of movement are all very well presented.

Please watch the video to view the beauty of the actual item.

From May 15th, as a promotion event for "EROSION MARSPER", a large 2m tall figure was exhibited at the square of the central front entrance at Shanghai’s art mall "K11", famous for the arts.

During May 13th to 18th, a pre-sale lottery limited to 200 pieces was conducted. Please watch the video of customers who came to collect their winning products on the first day of the event, as well as the atmosphere of the venue.

In China only, pre-order sales are available by online lottery from May 23rd to 28th.

Please install the app from the above page and participate in the lottery. 

* Limited to customers residing in China only.

INSTINCTOY will be holding an international online lottery (pre-order) at the end of this month (all countries except China). Product shipping is scheduled for mid-July.

In response to this collaboration announcement, the Marsper official Weibo account received more than 7,600 comments, which is a great response. The result is a work that can be appreciated by both fans of Marsper and avid figure collectors. We thank everyone for your support.