To commemorate the release of the "MEGA-MIXASAURUS" GOLDEN ver., we would like to introduce a new monster killer work, the "MEGA-MIXASAURUS", in collaboration with James Groman who also worked with us for KING KORPSE.

This design was drawn by James around the same time when INSTINCTOY produced the “ROTTEN REXX” which was announced in 2011.

During the collaboration, to produce a new soft vinyl monster we proposed the concept of “transformation” to James, with the desire to present ideas that will surprise customers in its completion. James was agreeable to the idea.

James came up with the character’s name “MEGA-MIXASAURUS”. As the name suggests, this is a monster created by fusing various dinosaur parts together. Based on this concept, the different parts were put together in this new style, evolving from a “dinosaur” to a “dragon”.

During the production phase, Joe Lucchese, a good friend of James’, created the initial 3D sculpt. The data was sent to INSTINCTOY and our modelling team completed the final prototype data, making adjustments to create this soft vinyl work.

A design which is on par with ROTTEN REXX, it allows you to enjoy the two attributes of wide wings and power through the “Dinosaur Monster Style” and “Dragon Monster Style” in its completed state.

To clearly depict the details on the model, this work gave rise to the question of…

"How can I make it as a soft vinyl work?"

Instead of

"How can I express it with soft vinyl?"

The hope was to create a work with the theme and details unique to INSTINCTOY. As a result, it became a work with 59 subdivided structure parts.

INSTINCTOY's original works are not limited by the constraint of “delivery” during production, unlike many other manufacturers.

"Make the figure you want in the best design possible."

With this goal, I am always working hard to create works. That's because we have customers who are always looking forward to INSTINCTOY's original works, and we believe that no matter how long it takes, time is required to complete a good piece of work.

This time as well, it took three full years from planning to completion. Two years have passed since the announcement of the product’s production at the exhibition, although a large reason for the delay was due to the pandemic.

Finally, the first work will be completed and released.

We designed the colorway in accordance to the 2021 lucky bag project, and we wanted to match the same timing for release. However, we were hit with a postponement due to an unexpected moulding issue.

Regardless, the first design was painted in a main color and not specifically detailed, because I wanted everyone to enjoy the charm of the prototype.

Although the details are not painted, the golden color is used as the base, and the finely inked details make the three-dimensional detailing stand out.

For this work, we have prepared a limited number of 55 pieces based on the lucky bag project. In addition, this work has a special autograph on the soles of all the pieces.

I signed on the sole of the left foot, so that when exhibitions resume after the pandemic, James can autograph on the sole of the right foot. With this hope in mind, the space on the sole of the right foot is left blank.

In addition, INSTINCTOY's Instagram IG TV reported through a video that recently there have been counterfeits of our original works, and these are sold as authentic products, making it fraud.

Therefore, for this work we will issue a certificate that guarantees that it is an original product of INSTINCTOY. All certificates are accompanied by an anti-counterfeit sticker with an individual control number. We will associate the personal information of the customer who purchased the work with the individual management number, and we will register, store and manage the information as the owner of the work.

In the future, we will continue to issue genuine certificate for all high-priced works, and we plan to also eventually embed NFC chips. To our collectors, please be careful of fraud caused by counterfeit products.