【BSフジ / アートフルワールド出演のお知らせ】





【前編】6 月 19 日(土)12:30~12:55

【後編】6 月 26 日(土)12:30~12:55 <INSTINCTOY出演>

【Notice of BS Fuji / Artful World appearance】

Next month (July) there will be a large-scale KAWS exhibition in Tokyo. Tina Tamashiro will explore artist toys with the theme of "Is this figure art?" Explore the past, present and future of artist toys that originated from Urahara street culture in the early 2000s.

Divided into the first part and the second part, each episode is 30 minutes and will be aired consecutively over two weeks. INSTINCTOY will be talking about the present and future of artist figures in the second part (6/26 broadcast).

Through both episodes, it is very easy to understand the history of artist figures that is about over 20 years, so please watch it.

<Broadcast schedule>

【Part 1】 June 19th (Sat) 12:30~12:55 (Japan Time)

【Part 2】 June 26th (Sat) 12:30~12:55 (Japan Time) <INSTINCTOY appearance>

【BS富士 / 藝術世界的演出告知】





【前段】6 月 19 日(六)12:30~12:55 (日本時間)

【後段】6 月 26 日(六)12:30~12:55 (日本時間)<INSTINCTOY出演>