Introduction for POP MART × INSTINCTOY "Fluffy Plush Strap Blind Box"

In collaboration with POP MART, INSTINCTOY's FLYING EROSION MONSTER "fluffy" is now available in a blind box series as a "plush figure", with a diameter of about 80mm and comes with a strap!

"fluffy" was released as a soft vinyl figure in 2019 as the 3rd original EROSION MONSTER of INSTINCTOY, after LIQUID and ICE LIQUID. We exhibited FRP works with the image of fluffy floating in the air.

The original design concept is "a character covered with fluffy hair", so the appearance of this plush figure is a perfect match.

There are 11 types in total, with 2 special types of angel fluffy with wings.

The 9 regular types have different fur colors, 3 types have different fur lengths and different types of fabrics are used to create the individuality of each character.

Angel fluffy with wings, which is a rare type, is a special type with colorful teeth based on white and black and they glow in the dark!

The dark angel (black) has a 1/54 rate, and the light angel (white) has a 1/108 rate.

The luminous glow is also very bright and colorful.

The strap is also sturdy, you can wear it on your bag or on something close to you.

The SUPER SECRET "Light Angel" has a beautiful color scheme that uses a special aurora fiber fabric, giving it a special feeling!

To commemorate the release of the "Fluffy Plush Strap Blind Box" at INSTINCTOY's online store, this time we will also offer the previously "not for sale" original acrylic display stage for the BAT LIQUID sold in 2013, for collectors who wish to display fluffy as a figure. This will be sold separately.

Only this display stage is available for purchase for international customers. The quantity is limited, and sold while stocks last.

Available in two colors, "Clear" and "Black Clear", it has an assembly structure similar to a simple plastic model, so you can customize the length of the arm and the shape of the tip to your preference. This retails at 1,100 JPY.

POP MART's plush figure production team was able to express the design world view of INSTINCTOY wonderfully. Decorate them with the already released Muckey and GYAWO plush toys!

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Due to the regional restrictions, we can only ship within Japan for this sale. International customers who wish to purchase, please contact POP MART or your local POP MART retailer for more information.