Introduction of FARMER BOB x INSTINCTOY collaboration work

This collaboration project began with an invitation from Finding Unicorn, which has been developing a wide range of FARMER BOB works since 2018.

<Introduction of Artist & FARMER BOB works>

Artist JO YOUNG WOON is from South Korea and released FARMER BOB in 2014.

The character's name BOB is said to have been named after artist "BOB ROSS" and reggae musician "BOB MARLEY". The bearded design was also inspired by the appearance of the two respected artists.

FARMER BOB is very popular in China, and has developed more than 140 works from 2014 to date. The design and paintwork freely expresses the artist's feelings, memories and experiences.

The works attract a lot of attention at promotional events.

<Introduction of FARMER BOB x INSTINCTOY x FINDING UNICORN collaboration>

The title of this work is called "ICE LIQUID WITH BOB".

INSTINCTOY was in charge of the design and 3D prototyping of this work.

It was designed with the concept of FARMER BOB travelling the world and encountering ICE LIQUID on an adventure in Antarctica.

The EROSION MONSTER ICE LIQUID has a strong reputation of erosion, but in this collaboration, we expressed "friendship" and "co-existence" when encountering FARMER BOB.

The expression of ice, which is as beautiful as diamonds and crystals, was created by Finding Unicorn to create the perfect expression as imagined. Please look closely at the transparency of the work.

In addition, the ICE LIQUID, ice ear muffler, and ice crystal base are all separate parts, so collectors can enjoy the displaying this work in your favorite style.

Fluffy is hidden in the backpack, please enjoy this work with 360-degree modelling expression.

Finding Unicorn produced a promotional video and an artist interview video that introduced the concept of this work. Please take a look.

* The subtitles for the interview video are only in Chinese and English due to the typesetting character limit. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

【Notice regarding limited production quantity and sales areas】

The production of this product is limited to 201 pieces.

From INSTINCTOY, we will sell 50 pieces of the total production quantity via online lottery sales.

※Please note that due to regional restrictions, we are unable to ship this work to customers residing in China, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For details on the online lottery sales, please see the separate blog article (November lottery sales details) which will be updated on the same day.