POP MART x INSTINCTOY "Muckey Dreamy Life Blind Box" & Muckey "Big Celebration" Product Introduction

The latest blind box series is finally here! This series features "Muckey", an INSTINCTOY original character which was born in 2013.

In the original Muckey, there have been 17 color variations released so far. Over 9 years, many people have supported this work, and we continued development of this character in the form of Mini Muckey and Anatomical Muckey, which is a collaboration work with Jason Freeny.

Muckey is a work that has been loved by collectors for many years. Until now we have not deeply shared the world view and back story of the character, it remained a “mystery” character. In collaboration with POP MART, we have expressed the world view in the theme of Muckey’s “Dreamy Life” in the form of a blind box series which allows collectors to enjoy multiple new modelling designs of Muckey. In a friendship appearance, Monster Fluffy and EROSION MONSTER who live in the same world as Muckey, will also appear in the lineup

We hope collectors who get this work will enjoy imagining a part of Muckey's calm, cute and enjoyable life.

"Dreamy Life Part 1" <Fun Fishing>

Wearing yellow boots, Muckey enjoys fishing. It wasn’t a fish that was caught, but LIQUID!?

The main body has clear molding, the round belly gives a feeling of transparency and the inside of the main body contains blue glow-in-the-dark glitter.

Not only is it cute in bright places, but it also expresses the image of fantastic night fishing in dark places.

"Dreamy Life Part 2" <Mother's Love>

This work expresses the affection between parents and children. Muckey, a child who cares about herself, emits green glow-in-the-dark light, and the red glow-in-the-dark glitter in the body of Mama Muckey expresses "warm and overflowing affection".

Fun Fishing is Papa Muckey, and it is designed with the concept of a family, so please display them next to each other.

"Dreamy Life Part 3" <Campfire>

Muckey enjoying a campfire in the forest. The flame of the campfire is "Fire Liquid".

Both the main body and the campfire are made in clear molding, so if lighting is included, the atmosphere will be outstandingly improved!

"Dreamy Life Part 4" <Winter Joy>

Muckey is enjoying winter, skiing in his favorite goggles and skis. The design is created so that when the head is moved there is a change in the facial expression. This is common to all characters and suits well. The main body is blue glow-in-the-dark.

"Dreamy Life Part 5" <Flowery Surprise>

A bouquet as a surprise gift! Muckey’s best friend Fluffy also hides in Muckey and wishes him success. The main body of Muckey is also glow-in-the-dark.

A bouquet with clear molding and transparent coloring is also something to note.

"Dreamy Life Part 6" <Little Friend>

Muckey has an adorable little friend. We were particular about the milkiness of the milk. The main body is glow-in-the-dark.

The little dog is inspired by my dog "Milk". She gives me love and happiness everyday.

"Dreamy Life Part 7" <Fluffy Catching>

Muckey went out in search of a "legendary butterfly". Giving up, Muckey caught Fluffy and started playing. But in fact, the butterflies Muckey has been looking for are in hats... The body is a beautiful aurora glitter. Muckey’s favorite hat is in a colorful fantasia color. Fluffy, in a translucent net, is removable and glows-in-the-dark.

The legendary butterfly on the hat has a beautiful and transparent finish. The charm of the Muckey Logo is also something to note.

"Dreamy Life Part 8" <Dreaming Time>

Muckey sleeps with Fluffy and others on a moon bed. The moon glows yellow in the dark, and the main body glows green in the dark.

LIQUID is eroding the melted moon.

"Dreamy Life Part 9" <Ice Treasure>

Muckey set out on a great adventure in Antarctica in search of the legendary crystal ICE LIQUID… and finally discovered at the end of the trip!

The colorful costume is molded in glow-in-the-dark material. The transparent ICE LIQUID is also a focal point.

"Dreamy Life Part 10" <Celebration>

Muckey enjoys the celebrations while riding on Fluffy. Both Muckey and Fluffy are molded in clear material.

"Dreamy Life Part 11" <Congratulations>

Monster Fluffy enjoys the celebrations while riding on Fluffy. The main body is molded in aurora glitter just like Fluffy Catching, and Fluffy is molded in pink glitter with an impressive level of transparency.

Regarding these two works, the same body types were released in the special Fantasia color released in the BOX set at the end of last year. These will be the only color variation works in the series, so please collect them as well.

"Dreamy Life Part 12" <Sitting Monster Fluffy>

Monster Fluffy has a friendship appearance as a resident of the same world as Muckey. It appears as a set with a small Monster Fluffy and a Fluffy which grew a pair of horns.

Monster Fluffy adopts the shape of the large night light released last year, but in this blind box series, its arms are movable. Both Monster Fluffy and Fluffy are glow-in-the-dark.

(Please see reference pictures below for the night lights)

"Dreamy Life Part 13" <Half Ice Fluffy> (Secret)

In earlier INSTINCTOY original blind box series, EROSION MONSTER has been appointed as a secret for both the first “RELAX” series and the second “SHOCK” series. For this series, Fluffy was designed to be half eroded by ICE LIQUID.

The ICE part is molded from clear material, and the Fluffy part glows blue in the dark. The eye on the ICE part is an aurora colored rhinestone. The ratio is 1/72! There is 1 chance that it is mixed in 6 cases, please try your luck in finding it!

"Dreamy Life Part 14" <Mecha-M8> (TOP Secret)

Robot Muckey, a collaboration with up-and-coming robot artist Kwong, will be the TOP secret of this blind box series.

The ratio is 1/144. It is an extremely rare secret, only one is mixed in the master carton containing 12 cases. The heart in the mechanic part of the chest glows red in the dark, and the electrocardiogram part glows green in the dark. Please see the details of the glow in the dark parts of the secret figure.

Production began in June 2020. I wanted to convey Muckey's cute world to everyone, and I put out a lot of ideas and carefully selected them with POP MART. All the prototype production was done at INSTINCTOY. We also produced all the color samples in-house, and we paid attention to all the details. We took our commitment to the attractiveness of soft vinyl products seriously, and took the time to mass-produce this product with a wonderful finish.

The packaging design also has a cute finish, keeping to the design concept.

If you see this blind box series at a POP MART retailer or a roboshop, please buy it!

Click here for the product introduction video

Click here for the photo gallery of the Muckey "Dreamy Life" blind box series

[Same-time release!! Introduction of related works]

Along with the release of Muckey Dreamy Life blind box series, the 216mm sized "Big Celebration" will be released at the same time. It is a work designed with the concept of Muckey being celebrated and carried on multiple Fluffies, which could not be expressed in the blind box figure’s size.

The ears, nose, and tummy are flocked, and the whole body glows-in-the-dark. We look forward to everyone’s favor in this work, together with the blind box series.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Due to the regional restrictions, we can only ship within Japan for this sale. International customers who wish to purchase, please contact POP MART or your local POP MART retailer for more information.