【NEW YEAR PROJECT Lottery Sale】Information regarding 5 new products【Application Deadline 13th Feb.】

Till last year, we have been selling new works of the year in sets of gold or red and white color designs suitable for the New Year, as a “HAPPY BAG” project. From this year onwards, we have changed the title of the project to the "NEW YEAR PROJECT", and we will be selling our special works individually by lottery sales.

This year, we have prepared five works. We will introduce these works individually.



Price: 99,000 JPY

<Limited to 55 pieces>

The first work is the "GOLDEN ver." of "CHAMP," a collaboration with up-and-coming robot artist KWONG and limited to 55 pieces! The selling price will be 99,000 yen. We are planning to release a full-color model in the first half of this year, but this model will be included in the "NEW YEAR PROJECT" as the latest work for 2022.

It is a large soft vinyl work of about 39cm in height, and is made up of 80 parts. The quality of the superalloy robot has been realized with all soft vinyl parts to create the ultimate soft vinyl robot.

The movable parts of this work will be the radar on the head, the neck, antennas on the left and right ears, the torso and shoulders, both arms and wrists, both legs and ankles, the rocket-type spaceship on the back and the swivel blade of the weapon accessories, making it a total of 18 points of articulation!

Two accessory parts are included: a ray gun and a sawtooth blade that can be attached on both hands.

The product packaging is a limited edition golden box that was custom made for the GOLDEN CHAMP, with a noshi (wrapping cloth) on the front, and a custom-made CHAMP LOGO gold sticker on the top. 

This work is limited to 55 pieces and comes with an original certificate of authenticity. The hologram sticker on the certificate shows the piece’s serial number. The customer who owns the piece will be registered as the owner and be linked to the serial number. Please keep the certificate safely, as it also serves as a warranty card.



Price: 66,000 JPY

<Limited to 55 pieces>

Here is the second work! It's been 6 years since the birth of KING KORPSE, the first collaborative work with JAMES in 2016. This work is inspired by the original look of the character before turning into KING KORPSE. It was finally completed last year and is now available as the latest work. This work is also scheduled to be released as a fully colored model in the first half of this year, but to commemorate this work, it is included in part of the line-up for the NEW YEAR PROJECT.

With an impressive muscular body and body ratio, in order for this work to have the same mobility as KING KORPSE, a new joint is added in the torso. 

The height of the work is about 33cm, and the thickness of the body is more impressive than that of KING KORPSE.

The eye sockets are fitted with golden plated eyeballs.

With the same open injuries as KING KORPSE, the left arm is wrapped with snakeskin. Rhinestones are added to the snake’s eyes for a detailed effect.

Similarly on the right leg, the wound is bandaged by tying tree bark with a rope.

The EROSION MONSTER LIQUID, which eroded the heart of KING KORPSE and brought him back to life, is quietly attached on the back of the young KING KORPSE. 

The details of the design can be associated with the story, please see the detailing of each part.

This work will be packed in a bag with headcard packaging. The headcard is specially finished in a GOLDEN COLOR. It will be packed together with the work but will not be attached to the bag to prevent it from being bent. This work will also come with an owner-registered certificate of authenticity.


JIRO GODJRA "Golden ver"

Price: 22,000 JPY

<Limited to 99 pieces>

Here is the third work! GODJRA was announced at CHINO LAM's solo exhibition held in 2020.

CHINO shared with us that the design concept of this work is “ in a world of Jiro fish aliens, some may mutate due to the stress from the living environment, these incidents tend to happen when they are on transportation”.

This kind of situation often happens during transportation, which is why the train model is included in this work. The train carriages are finished in clear red and transparent parts to match the color design. The main figure comes with 6 movable parts, including the neck, shoulders, legs, and tail.

Another highlight of this work are the “eyes”. The body has gold colored glitter, while the underside of the eyes has silver glitter, covered with clear parts.. Please take a close look!

Here's the product packaging!

For this limited edition color, the limited edition packaging is specially designed by CHINO.



Price: 88,000 JPY

<Limited to 11 pieces>

Here is the fourth work!

For this year, artist T9G is also participating in the NEW YEAR PROJECT. Mecha RANGEAS is the latest work released in 2021. The following is T9G's introduction on the design concept of the Mecha RANGEAS and the dedication in creating this work.


This is a mecha-type RANGEAS derived from RANGEAS.

RANGEAS is a peaceful monster loved by nature and animals, and is always smiling.

Though derived from RANGEAS, Mecha RANGEAS operates on an unstable nuclear reactor.

The reactor was once said to be "the energy of the bright future" but it is a very dangerous existence that can change the future into nothingness.

The Mecha RANGEAS is a combination of RANGEAS, and expresses the reality that behind peace there is catastrophe.

The work was designed with its costume specifically in mind. The inspiration for the sculpt came from the robot monsters in scenes from Ultraman. The wrinkles and distortions on the costume were also intentionally left unpolished.

The above is the introduction from the artist.

The beautiful gold plating makes it unimaginable that this is a soft vinyl work. This goes perfectly with the intricately overlapping surfaces of the robot form. The dazzling reflections create a sense of luxury.

RANGEAS was released in 2007 and is one of T9G's most famous works. As a fan of his work, I have several of them in my collection. I'm glad that the beloved RANGEAS is part of the line-up as a special golden-plated model in the latest Mecha RANGEAS model!

The protruding parts on the back are individually serial numbered by T9G himself.

The packaging is very attractive, it is personally packaged and handwritten by T9G. Only customers who get to own this work can experience the excitement of opening the package.



Price: 55,000 JPY

<Limited to 33 pieces>

※Pre-Sale Item / Scheduled delivery in around end April to early May.

The fifth work to be introduced is this! INSTINCTOY's original EROSION MONSTER ICE LIQUID is now available in an oversized model that measures 24cm tall.

ICE LIQUID was first released in 2014 and was very well received. The following year in 2015, BIG ICE LIQUID was released and in 2017, Mini ICE LIQUID was released. Between these three sizes, we have developed many colors.

As shown above, when compared to the BIG ICE LIQUID of the 2017 lucky bag project, the 240% increase in size and volume is breathtaking.

The prototype of the MEGA ICE LIQUID was displayed at the 2019 Tokyo Comic Con. The pandemic caused some delays to the production, but it will finally be released in this project.

The color is a gold gradation to resemble gold ore.

This work is made of resin instead of soft vinyl and weighs about 5kg. When packaged in its wooden packaging box, the total weight is about 12kg, making this a significant work. 

This work is limited to 33 pieces, and is a special original work. It will also come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

<Notice of Pre-Sale Item>

This is the only work that will not be produced in time, and production will start after the Chinese New Year holiday. This work will be sold via lottery sales as a pre-sale item. Delivery to the winners is scheduled to be around end April to early May. We thank everyone for your understanding.

<Notice about Shipping Fee>

This product will be shipped directly to customers from China after production is completed. Shipping costs and any customs duties / import consumption taxes incurred will be borne separately by customers.

Please refer to the following for the estimated shipping fee:

・ Beijing: Approximately 2,300 yen (SF Express payment upon receipt)

・ Shanghai: Approximately 2,500 yen (SF Express payment upon receipt)

・ Hong Kong: Approximately 2,200 yen (SF Express payment upon receipt)

・ Taiwan: Approximately 5,000 yen (SF Express payment upon receipt)

※ Orders from customers of these countries will be shipped by SF Express (payment upon receipt). The above rates are an estimate, as shipping will commence in end April to early May, we will invoice customers according to the shipping cost at that time.

The following is the shipping fee for other countries, customers who wish to check on their respective countries' shipping fee may email us to inquire.

・ Japan: 16,000 yen

・ Singapore: 16,000 yen

・ Thailand: 16,000 yen

・ USA: 28,000 yen

※ Regarding customs duty and import consumption tax, please contact the customs office in your area as tax regulations for each country differs for a declared value of 55,000 JPY.

※ The owner-registered Certificate of Authenticity and INSTINCTOY original hand groves will be sent separately to the customer from the INSTINCTOY head office. We will bear the shipping cost of the certificate and hand gloves.

The above are the 5 works in the 2022 NEW YEAR PROJECT.

If there is something that catches your eye, we look forward to receiving your lottery application. 

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Due to a system change, the EMS shipping company does not accept NAMES and ADDRESSES in Chinese characters anymore. Now, with both EMS and SF Express requiring NAME and ADDRESS in English, we unfortunately cannot accept applications using Chinese characters in the Name and Address field anymore. We kindly ask for your understanding.

【Information regarding the lottery sales】

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before you send in your applications. Sending an application will indicate an agreement to abide by these rules.

<Terms & Conditions>

・These products are available in limited numbers, only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.

・Customers can send an application form only once. We will not accept more than one application from the same person.

・The winners' personal information (name/address) cannot be changed after the winning notification has been sent out. Therefore, at the time of registration, please make sure your information is correct before signing up.

・If we detect that customers are using a false name to make multiple registrations using the same address or the same PayPal account, the relevant application(s) will be automatically cancelled. Please make sure to sign up with your own profile.

・Please note that applications cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.

・Customers who have previously cancelled their order or did not make their payment are not allowed to join our lottery.

・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 1 week.

・Customers need to cover the shipping fee besides the product prices.

Entry Period: February 10th (Thursday) till February 13th (Sunday) 2021 2359h Japan Time

Winners announcement: Emails will be sent on February 17th (Thursday) until 1900h. Japan Time

※ Only winners will receive a prize announcement mail. After getting the mail, if you have any questions regarding the lottery results, please contact us.

After payment is received, we will start shipping from Japan on February 21st (Monday). Due to the large number of shipments, overseas customers may need to wait for two or three days for their orders to be shipped. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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