【Notice】TTF 2021 Product Introduction and Sales Methods (May 26~29th)】

 We will be participating in the Taipei Toy Festival (TTF 2021) from May 26th to 29th. This time, our exhibition is a special joint collaboration with contemporary artist Mr. Yosuke Ueno.

The INSTINCTOY booth is in the same location as the last time, on the right side of the entrance of Hall A 【A01】.

※The floorplan for the booth location will be released later on the official TTE website.

In addition to INSTINCTOY's original products, there will be a variety of products created by Mr. Ueno in collaboration with INSTINCTOY, including hand-painted works and three-dimensional works. 

<<About the Sales Methods>>

There are three sales methods for the works: <First-come, first-served Works>, <Limited Edition Works>, and <Lottery Sale Works>.

【First-come, First-served Works】

※ These will be sold from the first to the fourth day of TTF. Sales will end once the works are sold out.

【Limited Edition Works】

※ Each customer can purchase up to 3 works (maximum of 1 per design). These works will be sold from the first to third day of TTF. No works will be sold on the fourth day for this category.

Customers who win the "Priority Purchase Right for Limited Edition Works" through an advanced email lottery will be given priority to purchase the works when they visit the booth at their timeslot.

Morning session (VIP +A): 10:00~13:00

Afternoon session (B): 15:10~17:10

※ During the above mentioned hours, 【Limited Edition Works】 will only be available for purchase for winners of the advanced email lottery. If you are not a winner, you can only purchase the 【First-come, First-served Works】. Kindly be aware of this.

※Outside of the above mentioned hours, 【Limited Edition Works】 will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Stock will be limited in quantity and sales will end once all works are sold out.

<Advanced Email Lottery Registration>

This "Advanced Email Lottery Registration" is only available for customers with a TTF 2021 ticket.

※If you have not purchased a ticket, please purchase them here.

Ticket holders who wish to participate in the advanced email lottery, please fill in the required fields below and send an email to the designated email address within the application period.

Lottery application period: May 13th to 15th, 2022

Mail to: instinctoy.onlinestore@gmail.com

Email Subject: TTF Advance Lottery Application


1. Name:

2. ID (with photo) and last four digits:

3. Telephone number:

4. Admission Ticket number & time slot:

5. IG account:

※Customers must fill in all information fields for their registration to be accepted. If any information is missing, kindly note the application will be automatically rejected.

Winning notifications will be sent to winners before 19:00 on 17 May 2022. Only winners will be contacted.

※Please keep the winning notification email carefully. Our staff will verify your identity at the booth before purchases of the 【Limited Edition Works】 are made. 

Priority purchase rights for winners are only valid for the time slot which winners are selected for. Please ensure that you arrive in time.

※Please note that winners of the same time slot will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

【Yosuke Ueno x INSTINCTOY Art Works】

For this project, to commemorate the collaboration with INSTINCTOY, Mr. Yosuke Ueno has created a one of a kind artwork.

On display and for sale will be a large canvas (162cm x 194cm), five drawings, and three one-off pieces of his new FRP sculptures created by INSTINCTOY and painted by Mr. Ueno himself.

<Hapico meets LIQUID Canvas Painting>

Please watch the video of the process of creating the large format canvas painting here:

↓ ↓ ↓


<Drawing Works>





<Yosuke Ueno x INSTINCTOY Art Work Lottery Application Method>

These art works will be available for global lottery application from the first day of TTF (26th) to the third day (28th) until 16:00, at the INSTINCTOY booth or by e-mail (instinctoy.onlinestore@gmail.com). Please feel free to contact us at the INSTINCTOY booth or email for more information regarding application.

All the items are one-of-a-kind and valuable pieces, applicants will be required to fill out the Lottery Entry Agreement and pay a deposit at the same time when applying for the Lottery.

If you apply for the lottery by e-mail, we will contact you to discuss the deposit payment method and the transportation arrangements of the artwork.

※ The deposit payment will be fully refunded if you do not win the lottery.

Winners will be notified by 11:00 a.m. on the fourth day of TTF (29th).

【Introduction of Special Photo-Taking Area & Uchiwa (Japanese Fan)】

We have specially prepared a photo-taking area in the INSTINCTOY booth for customers to have the chance to take photos with the exclusive paintings and commemorate the experience of visiting the booth. Customers who visit the booth, please commemorate your visit by taking pictures.

In addition, we turned the large painting into an original Uchiwa (Japanese Fan)!

After customers have taken pictures at our photo-taking area, please share them on your social media account(s) with the hashtag #EROSIONHAPICO and you can redeem a free Uchiwa fan. (※One uchiwa fan per customer only.)

The atmosphere at the event will be exciting, we hope you can use the Uchiwa fans at the venue.

We look forward to seeing everyone!