<New Office Commemoration Special Giveaway Event>

This week, INSTINCTOY's new office on the 1st floor was completed. To thank our customers who have supported us all this time, we have planned a special giveaway event to commemorate the completion of the new office.

We received many inquiries on this, and we have prepared the latest colors of our original characters as prizes.

Event application: From today to 30 October, 23:59 (Sunday, Japan Time)

Winner announcement: On 1 November (Tuesday), winners will be contacted via private message on Instagram. (※ Please note if IG accounts are set to reject private message notifications, the winning status will be invalid.)

Shipping: Prizes will be shipped between 4-7 November.

(※ Shipping fees will be fully covered by us for all international and domestic winners. International winners will be responsible for all custom duties and fees incurred, depending on their country's customs regulations.)


A. Monster fluffy+fluffy set “Clear Rainbow”

B. BIG ICE “Poppin’ Clear”

Monster fluffy+fluffy set “Clear Rainbow” is limited to a total of 200 sets, 50 sets will be given away!

BIG ICE "Poppin' Clear" is limited to a total of 150 pieces, 50 pieces will be given away!

The remaining quantity will be released in the November online lottery sale.

<There are two steps to participate!>

1. Follow our official Instagram account (@instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo).

2. In the comments section of the giveaway post, leave a comment of your desired prize (indicate the product name, alternatively A or B).

<Participation Terms>

※To avoid confusion, this will be an Instagram-only giveaway. 

※The listed two steps must be completed.

※Each IG account can only apply once, and for only 1 prize type. If one account applies more than once, the entry will be considered invalid.

※If you forget to enter your desired prize, or comment for both prizes, your entry will be considered invalid.

※Please note if IG accounts are set to reject private message notifications, the winning status will be invalid.

※We will be contacting winners to ask for your personal information (name/telephone/address) by private message for shipping purposes.

※Prizes cannot be changed after winners are announced.

※It is not possible to conduct defective exchanges or returns after winners receive their prizes.

※Please participate only if you agree to the above terms and conditions.