Updated 24 November【Notice】TTF 2022 Product Introduction and Sales Methods (Dec 1st~4th)】

We will be exhibiting at the Taipei Toy Festival (TTF2022), which will be held from 1~4 December. For the first time in 3 years, the entire INSTINCTOY team will participate, and we have prepared a lot of new products.

The INSTINCTOY booth is located at Booth [A02], on the right side of the front entrance of Building A. 

※The venue map will be released on the TTF official website at a later date.

This time, we also received a wonderful piece of art from contemporary artist Mr. Yosuke Ueno. Mr. Ueno will also be at the venue, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Please read the second half of the blog article for the works that will be exhibited and sold at the INSTINCTOY booth.

<< About Product Types for Sale>>

There are two product types for sale: <INSTINCTOY Original Works> and <Yosuke Ueno Artworks>.


There are two types of sales methods: advance online lottery and on-site venue lottery.

<Mr. Yosuke Ueno Artworks> 

Lottery applications will be accepted only at the INSTINCTOY booth during the event, we will not be accepting applications online.


※ We originally planned to sell MONSTER PEKO at TTF2022, but due to copyright contractual obligations, the sale from INSTINCTOY has been postponed for now. Please note for this time this work will only be exhibited at the INSTINCTOY booth.

↑ The list of limited products for TTF2022 has been updated on November 24.

【Advance Online Lottery Sales】

From today till 20th Nov, we will be accepting applications for the TTF2022 advance online lottery.

Customers who win the advance online lottery can only make their purchase based on their winning date.

= Updated November 24 =============

Winner purchase timeslot #1: 10:00~12:00

Winner purchase timeslot #2: 12:00~13:00

Please come to the instinctoy booth at the specified time above.


※ Sales to pre-lottery winners will be on a first-come, first-served basis. As each work is limited in quantity, customers may not be able to purchase their desired products depending on their queue position.

The timeslot of 10:00 am to 13:00 pm will be available only to customers who have won the advance online lottery. Customers other than the winners, please participate in the lottery sale at our booth which starts at 14:00 pm.

As the number of stocks is limited, sales will end when the product is sold out.

<How to apply for the advance online lottery>

If you would like to apply for the advance lottery, please apply from the link below.


※ Please check that your entry is complete before submission. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.

Each person can only apply once. Customers who submit multiple entries will be disqualified.

Only winners will be notified by email by 19:00 on November 24th.

Please keep the winning notification email safely. When purchasing the limited products at the venue, the staff will verify your identity. Please be sure to bring your national ID.

※ Winners can only purchase products on their winning date. After the winning announcement is made, winners cannot change their purchase date.

※ The deadline for purchase is 13:00 pm, thereafter we will not be able to accept purchase requests.

※ Please note that winners of the purchase date will get to make their purchase on a first-come, first-served basis.

【Venue Lottery】

At 14:00 pm, we will announce the products in stock for the day, and start the lottery at the venue. Interested customers please queue up at our booth before 14:00 pm. When it is 14:00 pm, we will end the queue and begin distributing lottery wristbands to customers who are in line. We seek your understanding that after 14:00 pm, customers will no longer be able to join the queue.

Customers who have won the lottery at the venue can select and purchase one item per person from the in-stock products.

To prevent crowding and confusion, please note sales may be canceled without prior notice, depending on the on-site situation. We seek your kind understanding.

【Yosuke Ueno Art Works】

The works for sale include a 167cm x 91cm canvas painting, 3 drawings, and a one-off FRP sculpture piece HAPICO STAND BY YOU produced by INSTINCTOY and painted by Mr. Ueno.



<FRP HAPICO STAND BY YOU one-off work>

<How to apply for Yosuke Ueno x INSTINCTOY Artworks lottery>

These artworks will be available for lottery application at the INSTINCTOY booth from the first day of TTF (1 Dec) to the third day (3 Dec), 16:00 pm. The person in charge will explain the details of the application at the INSTINCTOY booth.

All works are one-of-a-kind, please fill in the lottery application consent form and pay the deposit when you apply for the lottery.

※ The deposit will be fully refunded to applicants who do not win.

Winners will be notified by phone at 12:00 noon on the last day of TTF (4 Dec).

<Attention: Notice of TTF2022 sales information>

The latest sales information will be updated on INSTINCTOY's official Facebook / Instagram / Twitter, please check them for the latest updates.

In addition, kindly note the above TTF2022 sales products and sales methods are subject to change without prior notice, in view of possible delays in product arrival due to transportation issues, congestion at the venue, or from other unforeseen circumstances.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the venue.