【HAPPY BOX 2023 Lottery Sale】Information regarding new products【Application Deadline 27th Feb.】

We will be holding the annual happy bag project again this year.

In the past years we have offered a lineup of our newest products in beautiful special colors such as gold, silver, red and white and we have received much positive feedback from our collectors. We also received many requests from collectors to produce “other original characters in these special colors”.

In addition to Muckey (released in 2013), and SNOWY (released in 2015), both works do not have new special color releases until now. In this year's lineup we have also prepared Mini Ice Vincent (released in 2019).

The 4 new works in the 2023 happy box lineup also includes the latest work for the year, YOSUKE UENO X INSTINCTOY "MAJESTIC HAPICO".

In the past 2 years, the works in the happy bag lineup were sold individually. For this year, we will revert to the original sales method from 2015, and the works will be sold as a set of 4 as a HAPPY BOX!

We will now introduce the lineup works of the "HAPPY BOX 2023".

Let’s begin!


Price: 77,777 JPY

<Limited to 99 Sets>


“MAJESTIC HAPICO”- GOLDEN ver. - <Latest work in 2023>

Contemporary artist, Yosuke Ueno, has shared with us his concept for this work, and we would like to introduce it to you along with some photos.

Just as flowers bloom facing the sun, HAPICO wants to live life looking up.

Even if there is no one in this world who is not troubled, I would like to be someone who can at least be cheerful even when troubled.

Wearing a handmade cardboard crown, Hapico is proud of herself today.

The handmade cardboard crown is made of soft vinyl and has the same attention to detail as actual cardboard.

The sweater that wraps around the body is finished with beautiful coloring that is molded with plenty of gold glitter.

The color was designed by INSTINCTOY for the HAPPY BOX project and the artist, Mr. Ueno liked it very much.

The following three works are based on the same color concept, with the body based on a clear molded base with gold gradation applied through the main body with gold glitter scattered throughout. The inside of the main body is finished with shiny aurora strips.

mini ice Vincent - GOLDEN ver.  - <2019 Model>

The following three works are based on the same color concept, with the body based on a clear molded base with gold gradation applied through the main body with gold glitter scattered throughout. The inside of the main body is finished with shiny aurora strips.

It is the release of a new color for the first time in 4 years, since the release of the 1st color in 2019.

The ICE VINCENT with an overall length of about 240mm is too big! This is a miniature version measuring about 143mm, which was created based on customers' requests.

SNOWY - GOLDEN ver. - <2015 Model>

A work depicting a "snowman eroded by ICE LIQUID". We released 4 colors from 2015 to 2017. This will be the first new color in 6 years.

I introduced the work in detail on my blog at the time of production, please read it at → http://instinctoy.blog73.fc2.com/blog-entry-1271.html

MUCKEY - GOLDEN ver. - <2013 Model>

This is a work depicting "a Bear eroded by Fluffy". It is one of the most popular INSTINCTOY original characters. From 2013 to 2022 Muckey was released in 16 colors. In 2022, a series of blind boxes and plush toys were released in collaboration with POP MART. In 2016, we released the mini Muckey which is a resized version, and Anatomical Muckey in collaboration with Jason Freeny in 2019.

In this lineup Muckey is the earliest released original character, the color this time is also a new creation since the last release from a few years ago.

The above 4 works will be sold as a set as the "HAPPY BOX 2023". 

(※Not sold separately.)

(※Accessories used for photography are not included.)

This work is limited to 99 sets and each HAPPY BOX comes with an original certificate of authenticity. The hologram sticker on the certificate shows the piece’s serial number. The customer who owns the piece will be registered as the owner and be linked to the serial number. Please keep the certificate safely, as it also serves as a warranty card.

This year, for the first time from our previous happy bag series, we have prepared a custom-made box to house all four works.

Each work is carefully packed and individually wrapped. Please note that there is no individual product package for each work.

This month's lottery sale is a《*INSTINCTOY Social Media Account follower limited reception》

Please follow the INSTINCTOY official social media accounts (SNS) on Instagram, facebook, Twitter (any one is acceptable).

・Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo/

・Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instinctoy

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In the "Notes" field in the application form please fill in your complete social media URL. By providing your social media URL it helps us when checking the application. (If you missed out on filling this in during registration, please register again and write in the "Notes" column "Re-apply".)

【Notice: Please apply with your NAME and ADDRESS in ENGLISH!】

Due to a system change, the EMS shipping company does not accept NAMES and ADDRESSES in Chinese characters anymore. Now, with both EMS and SF Express requiring NAME and ADDRESS in English, we unfortunately cannot accept applications using Chinese characters in the Name and Address field anymore. We kindly ask for your understanding.

【Information regarding the lottery sales】

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before you send in your applications. Sending an application will indicate an agreement to abide by these rules.

<Terms & Conditions>

・These products are available in limited numbers, only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.

・Customers can send an application form only once. We will not accept more than one application from the same person.

・The winners' personal information (name/address) cannot be changed after the winning notification has been sent out. Therefore, at the time of registration, please make sure your information is correct before signing up.

・If we detect that customers are using a false name to make multiple registrations using the same address or the same PayPal account, the relevant application(s) will be automatically cancelled. Please make sure to sign up with your own profile.

・Please note that applications cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.

・Customers who have previously cancelled their order or did not make their payment are not allowed to join our lottery.

・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 1 week.

・Customers need to cover the shipping fee, 5% handling fee and customs fees besides the product prices.

・The HAPPY BOX packaging box serves as protection against damage of the product inside, we are unable to replace the packaging in the event of damage.

Entry Period: February 24th (Friday) till February 27th (Monday) 2023 2359h Japan Time

Winners announcement: Emails will be sent on March 3rd (Friday) until 1900h. Japan Time

※ Only winners will receive a prize announcement mail. After getting the mail, if you have any questions regarding the lottery results, please contact us.

After payment is received, we will start shipping from Japan on March 6th (Monday). Due to the large number of shipments, overseas customers may need to wait for two or three days for their orders to be shipped.

Please understand the【Terms & Conditions】before you enter the lottery. The sales page is linked below.

For English language support, please use a PC or laptop to make your applications. (It only shows up in Japanese on the cellphone.)

Please follow this link to apply for the lottery↓

We are looking forward to receiving your application!