KWONG × INSTINCTOY "CHAMP" Production Exclusive Story

In November 2019, the production for CHAMP was announced.

At the time of the announcement, it was meant to be a new project for 2020. However, since the coronavirus pandemic started in the beginning of 2020, this was the first time INSTINCTOY took on the challenge of making a soft vinyl robot. It was a difficult challenge to produce the highly detailed CHAMP, and the progress was greatly influenced by the pandemic.

【Initiation of project】

I've been involved in the production of various monster figures, from original works to collaboration works, and I've always wanted to take on the challenge of a robot figure.

During my childhood years, I loved Super Sentai heroes robot figures, Gundam and Zoids PVC models. One of the memories I had of those days was that assembled figures such as Gundam and Zoids sometimes had parts fell off or broke off if they were handled roughly. I remember being careful and handling them more gently than PVC dolls and soft vinyl figures as I did not want to damage my cherished figures.

As a child, I thought that PVC and soft vinyl figures were not easily damaged, so I could play with them without worrying. Zoids and Gundam models are very detailed and cool! For that reason, a soft vinyl robot which looked like a PVC model with superalloy details was a “dream robot figure” for me at the time.

I've always wanted PVC figures that are hard to damage like soft vinyl figures and have details like PVC models and superalloy robots.

Now it's possible to create an ideal robot figure! This is a project that was driven by the nostalgic memories of that time.

【Meeting with Mr. KWONG】

When I was thinking about what kind of robot I would make for my "Dream (Ideal) Robot Figure Project," Mr. KWONG's Instagram(@chukwongchoi) caught my eye. He is an indie soft vinyl figure collector, and among his various collections, I found a post of a robot he had made with a 3D model. He said, "I want to give shape to what I like.” I was attracted by his feelings of becoming an artist from a collector.

At the time, Mr. KWONG was already following INSTINCTOY's SNS account as a collector, so I felt free to contact him. He kindly accepted our invitation to collaborate with INSTINCTOY, and together we would create the ultimate robot soft vinyl figure! He readily agreed to our invitation and the project began.

【Form of Collaboration】

At the same time, we were designing INSTINCTOY's new EROSION MONSTER "Thunder LIQUID", and we proposed a collaborative idea of a robot powered by Thunder LIQUID. INSTINCTOY was willing to adjust the balance of the body to create a stable work of art based on KWONG's 3D design for the soft vinyl figure's production, and we were in charge of the adjustment of the 3D prototype. The final form of CHAMP was then completed.

We also completed a 3D model of the cockpit design that will power THUNDER LIQUID, which will be housed inside a large tank-like body. At first, we thought about hiding the cockpit inside the body. Unfortunately, the internal structure was only a "concept image" for this project because the budget would be significantly consumed by the internal structure, which is not visible from the outside.

【Focal points of this work】

With this in mind, we concentrated our entire budget on the work itself, and the ultimate robot soft vinyl figure was finally completed.

By subdividing the parts to express the fine details of the main body, clear parts were also molded in color, resulting in a total of 61 parts.

In addition, 57 coloring masks and 45 molds were used in the making of this large soft vinyl work.

【Exhibition of works at events】

We exhibited a 3D color printed prototype at the November 2019 Tokyo Comic-Con.

Subsequently, a sample of the soft vinyl version was displayed for the first time at the Art Monster INSTINCTOY booth in Taipei in November 2021.

In February 2022, we released a limited edition of 55 pieces of the GOLDEN ver. as part of the "NEW YEAR PROJECT" happy bag project and it was very well received.

At the Taipei Toy Festival in December 2022, we exhibited prototype samples of the 1st color (No. 1) and samples of No. 2, 3, and 4, and also sold a small quantity of the 1st color at the event.

In April 2023 we also exhibited at the Thailand Toy Expo held in Bangkok and accepted pre-orders for this work via lottery sales at the event.

It has been 3 years since the project started in 2019, and we are finally releasing the mass production of the 1st color of this model!

This work will be a limited release of 50 pieces, making this a rare work. Since we have sold 20 pieces at last year's special pre-sale at TTF and lottery pre-order at TTE, we have prepared 30 pieces to be released in this final lottery sale. The selling price is 110,000 yen.

This work comes with an owner registration certificate with an individual identification number.

The No. 1 color of this work is a commemorative original color filled with our commitment and story, we hope everybody will like it.