【NOTICE】Information about INSTINCTOY SHOW TOKYO 2023

The INSTINCTOY SHOW TOKYO 2023 exhibition event will be held on 2 December (Sat) at Ginza Six, The GRAND Multipurpose Hall (13F).

For access to the venue, please check the official website.


This will be the first time in about four years that an event will be held in Japan. We have prepared a large number of new and past works to be exhibited at the venue. 

The admission will be in two parts to prevent confusion on the day of the event.

【Exhibition Information】


Date:2 Dec 2023 (Sat) 17:00~22:00

Venue: GINZA SIX 13F

            The GRAND Multipurpose Hall

<Part 1 / General Admission: 17:00-19:00>

When the information was originally announced, admission was open to the public. However due to various circumstances, we will be adding some admission restrictions.

We received more applications than expected for the advance lottery for special admission event, and we also received many inquiries about the <PART 1/Free Admission Event>. To prevent confusion and congestion at the venue on the day of the event, we will be holding an online lottery for visitors who wish to attend the <PART 1 / Free Admission Event>.

The lottery application duration is from 23 November (Thu) to 26 November (Sun), 2023.

Winners will be notified by email via their registered email address by 7:00pm on 27 November (Mon).

Apply here → https://forms.gle/LExSXZf63Tjc1G7u9

 Notice on admission restrictions and rule changes for <PART 1 / Free Admission Event> 

※ Due to changes in the admission rules, the <PART 1 / Free Admission Event> will also be limited to customers who have won in the advance lottery.

※ Only the winner will be able to visit the venue.(Children may accompany the winners.)

※ There will be no product sales or other event activities at the venue. This entry is for exhibition viewing only.

※ Please arrive within the time slot you won. Entrance outside of these times is not permitted.

※ Winners' application information cannot be changed after winning is confirmed. In the unlikely event that the winner is unable to attend, the invitation to attend the <PART 1 / Free Admission Event> will be forfeited and no substitute entries will be accepted.

<Part 2 / Special Admission Event: 18:45~ Registration starts 19:00 ~ 22:00>

※ Limited to customers who win the advanced event lottery, customers can bring one accompanying guest.

※ Depending on the crowd at the venue, customers may be asked to queue up to enter the venue.

※ We will be holding an on-site lottery sale where new works are sold in advance, customers who have won the advanced event lottery and are interested to participate in the lottery sale, please register by 19:45.

※ Re-entry to the venue is possible for customers who have completed their registration for the Special Admission Event.

【About Advanced Event Lottery】

Application period: November 17th (Friday) - November 20th (Monday)

Winner announcement date: November 21st (Tuesday)

Only successful candidates will be contacted by email. Please note that we are unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding lottery results

Please read the following regarding the pre-lottery and on-site lottery sales event.

【Lottery Application Rules】

※ Limited to applicants who can come to the venue during the special admission event on 2 December 2023.

※ The applicant’s personal information and SNS profile URL are required to apply for the lottery.

※ Winners may bring one accompanying guest. If the winner is absent or unable to attend, admission by a proxy will not be accepted.

※ Applicants are not allowed to change their application information after winning is confirmed. In the unlikely event that the winner is unable to attend, the prize will be forfeited and no substitute entries will be accepted.

※ Customers who did not win the advance lottery are welcome to visit the <Part 1 / General Admission>.

Click here to participate in the advance lottery → https://forms.gle/HwZSs2FaQgJ2UkUL7

<About Special Admission Event>

During the special admission event there will be an on-site lottery sale in advance for new works.

We will have a large selection of new and popular works for sale. Please see the list below.

In addition, commemorative works for the INSTINCTOY SHOW TOKYO 2023 event are also in preparation. More details will be released soon, please look forward to it.

【How To Participate】

When you register for the special admission event, you will be asked at the reception desk whether you wish to participate in the on-site lottery sales event. Registration for the on-site lottery participation will close at 19:45.

At 20:00, we will announce the winning results at the venue.

Winners will be able to purchase one product of their choice according to their winning sequence. Sales will end once all works are sold out.


・The schedule of the on-site lottery sales event may change depending on the crowd at the venue.

・Please note that depending on the winning sequence, customers may not be able to purchase their desired works.

Only cash payments are accepted at the venue. Please note that credit cards and smartphone payments are not accepted.

・Only the winners of the pre-event advanced lottery can participate in the on-site lottery sales event. Accompanying guests of the winners are not allowed to participate in the on-site lottery sales.

Additionally, INSTINCTOY representative Mr. Hiroto Ohkubo will be at the venue during the <Part 2/ Special Admission Event>. Please feel free to talk, take photos or ask for autographs from him.

We have also prepared a mini aroma candle as a souvenir gift for the INSTINCTOY SHOW TOKYO 2023. This gift will be given to customers during their registration to enter the venue.

<Other Information>

Event information will be updated on the official SNS from time to time, please follow us for the latest information.

We look forward to seeing you there.