【Notice】The information regarding the available items and the sales method at TTE2019 【2nd~5th May】

We will be attending Thailand Toy Expo 2019 from 2nd May until 5th May. We would like to introduce the available items and our sales method at our INSTINCTOY booth.

INSTINCTOY booth will be built on the 3rd floor EDEN3 area, booth No. C1.


【Sales methods at the TTE02019 INSTINCTOY booth】

We will have both a < General Sale > and a < Lottery Sale > at our booth.

For the < General Sale >, we will be featuring our mini-sized figures. All the products in the < General Sale > will be sold on a first come first served basis.

For the < Lottery Sale >, we will be featuring products that are limited at the show. Following our new releases, we will also be selling previous works that we kept for the last stock. The quantity is very limited and some of them will be put on sale for the last time at TTE. We will set the sales date for each item according to their stock amount as there will be a lot of varieties for the lottery sale this time. Please read up our introduction regarding all the details of our < Lottery Sale > shown below after the introduction of < General Sales Items >.

【Note regarding the pre-order items】

Over the last few years, we have experienced many difficulties with the customs area at the airport whenever we attended Thailand Toy Expo.

Sometimes the goods were stopped and did not make it in time for the sales at the show.

As a solution this year, we decided to take pre-orders for some of our products at our booth. The goods will be sent from Japan afterwards.

There are two methods of placing pre-orders.

『(A)Pre-order for existing products』These are for goods that are in our inventory in Japan, which we can send as soon we get back to Japan after the TTE.

『(B)Pre-orders for upcoming works』which are for goods that are still in production. These will be sent out as soon as the products arrive in Japan. Please note that the release date of the『(B)Pre-order items』 differ.

Other than the two categories mentioned above, there are many new products that will be available at our booth. These will be the 『(C) Booth Products』.

【 General Sales Item List 】

Life with LQUID series 1

Price: 350THB

(C)Booth Products

Life with LQUID Special Edition Matte Black

Price: 350THB

(C)Booth Products

Unicorn Byron & Salamander Rangeron & Griffin Rangeas

Price: 750THB each

(C)Booth Products

mini MAGURO-SENPAI Normal ver. & Surprised ver.

Price: 750THB each

(C)Booth Products

Baby Erosion Molly "Pink Star" & Baby ICE Erosion Molly "Blue Star"

Price: 1,000THB each

(C)Booth Products

mini ICE Erosion Molly 1st color "The ICE"

Price: 1,800THB

(C)Booth Products

【Lottery Item List】

<1st day(2nd May)Lottery Items>

mini ICE MOLLY 2nd "Fantasia"

Price: 2,100THB

(C)Booth Products

mini Muckey "Rainbow Clear"

Price: 2,100THB

(C)Booth Products

Labubu XL "Lief" INSTINCTOYEdition

Price: 6,600THB

(C)Booth Products

mini Ice Vincent "THE ICE"

Price: 4,400THB (included Asia shipping cost)

(A) Pre-order for existing products


Price: 63,000JPY (Deposit / Shipping: 1,100THB)

(B)Pre-orders for upcoming works

<Estimated shipment in July 2019>

<2nd day(3rd May)Lottery Items>

mini ICE MOLLY 2nd" Fantasia"

Price: 2,100THB

(C)Booth Products

mini Muckey 13th color " Charcoal Black"

Price: 1,800THB

(C)Booth Products


Price: 3,500THB

(C)Booth Products

ALEX 2nd color “Rainbow”

Price: 4,100THB (included Asia shipping cost)

(A)Pre-order for existing products

Jason Freeny ×INSTINCTOY

Anatomy Muckey

Price: 30,000JPY (Deposit / Shipping: 1,100THB)

(B)Pre-orders for upcoming works

<Estimated shipment in August 2019>

<3rd day(4th May)Lottery Items>

mini ICE MOLLY 2nd "Fantasia"

Price: 2,100THB

(C)Booth Products

Labubu XL "Lief"

Price: 6,600THB

(C)Booth Products

Muckey "Rainbow Clear"

Price: 4,200THB (included Asia shipping cost)

(A)Pre-order for existing products

CURIO "Pastel Rainbow"

Price: 4,500THB (included Asia shipping cost)

(A)Pre-order for existing products

INNOCENT 3rd color "Night Carnival"

Price: 7,400THB (included Asia shipping cost)

(A)Pre-order for existing products

【 How to enter the lottery 】

We will be giving out lottery entry tickets from 1000h till 1200h each day. The ticket is a wristband type with a number and it is limited to the first 600 customers maximum. Please line up in the same queue with the < General Sale > customers, even if you only wish to get the lottery ticket and will not purchase any item at the desk. The lottery ticket giving away closes at 12:00 even if we haven’t finish giving away to 600 people.

To shorten the serving time, our staff will be giving away the lottery ticket to customers who express their wish to enter the lottery when they are in the queue.

The customers who wear the lottery ticket will still need to stay in line for their turn to get their ticket number registered at the desk. There is a lottery registration desk in the corner of our booth counter. The entry for our lottery will be considered complete after customers register their ticket number.

※Please be informed that the customers who do not register the number at the lottery registration desk will not be able to enter our lottery even if they have a lottery ticket.

【 The Terms and Conditions for entering our lottery sale 】

・The lottery tickets (WRIST BAND) are limited to 600 pcs maximum.

・Customers can only get one ticket per person.

・INSTINCTOY staff will put on the wrist band lottery ticket for each customer.

・Customers are not allowed to break it off or take it off. If the wristband has been taken off or defaced, we will disqualify the entry. Please keep it safe.

・The entry for our lottery will be completed after customers register their ticket number.

・The customers who do not register the number at the lottery registration desk will not be able to enter our lottery even if they have a lottery ticket.

・Customers under 15 years old are not allowed to join our lottery. We will ask customers to show their personal photo ID when we need to check their age.

 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 

We will announce the lottery winners at 1400h on the same day and post the pictures of the winners’ numbers on our FB/Instagram. Please check these places to see the results.

We will also put the winners’ announcement sheet on the notice board at our booth for the customers who are unable to access our announcement page on the internet.

We would appreciate it very much if customers could check the lottery results on the internet to minimise congestion at our booth.

We will start selling the prize items at 1430h. Please line up according to the order listed on the winner announcement sheet. We are planning to open 2 -3 checking counters. Please follow the instructions of the staff.

To shorten the waiting time, we will limit shopping time to a maximum of 3mins per customer. We estimate that around 20 customers can make their payment within 30mins. The time schedule for every winner will be set according to this estimate.

<The estimated sales schadule>>

14:30 ~ = The first winner ~ 20th winner

15:00 ~ = The 21st winner ~ 40th winner

15:30 ~ = The 41st winner ~ 60th winner

16:00 ~ = The 61st winner ~ 80th winner

Depending on our available stocks, there is a possibility that customers who are in line after the 81st~100th winner may not be able to purchase any items. Please be aware of this.

16:30 ~ = The 81st winner ~ 110th winner

17:00 ~ =111st ~140th winner

17:30 ~ =141st ~170th winner

(※Sales will be closed when our available stock for that day runs out.)

<<The rules for the lottery sale>>

・We would like to ask customers to bring their identity card or passport along if they join our lottery. The pre-order items will be sent to the specific winners who won the lottery. We will check the identity card, passport or any other documentation with a photograph, and also need proof of the residential address of the winners. Lottery winners will not be allowed to make pre-orders without providing proof of their residential address.

・Regardless of the total amount, customers can only purchase a maximum of 2 items.

・Customers can purchase a maximum of one piece, of any one item.

・We will verify every winners’ lottery ticket number when they make their purchase

・Customers will be given 3min to decide what they take.

・Customers are not allowed to use their phone at the order desk.

・Customers should decide what to order by themselves. Please do not consult or contact other people at the order desk.

・Our stocks are limited. We will close our sales when all the products are sold out.


We have invited two custom artists, Iwao Tadayuki from BLACK RABBiT and Ito Toshihiko from P@INTER NET, to join our ONE-OFF collaboration project. There are 3 artworks that will be available at our booth. Customers who are interested in buying these should approach our staff at the INSTINCTOY booth.

Customers who wish to buy these should come to our booth at 1300h on the last day, 5th May. We will discuss the prices that the artists expect and arrange a smooth transaction. This is the first time we are trying this sales method, and we apologize if it causes any inconvenience.

※ Auction Terms & Conditions that we had before do not apply to these ONE-OFF artworks in this instance. The transaction will be discussed on a conference basis.

ARTIST: Iwao Tadayuki from BLACK RABBiT

ARTIST: Ito Toshihiko from P@INTER NET

We look forward to your joining in our experience. Thank you.