Guide: How to apply for the INSTINCTOY lottery

This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the INSTINCTOY online lottery. Please refer to this guide in case you have difficulties submitting your lottery application.

Step 1: International customers (all customers except Japan) must use our international Website:

Please use a PC or Laptop for your application as Smartphones only show the information in Japanese!

Step 2: Choose the product you would like to enter the lottery for by clicking on their image.

Step 3: You are now on the product page of the item you selected. Please read all the product information and our Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding. When you scroll down the product page, you will also find the link to our English/ Chinese Blog for further information.

Step 4: If you are sure to apply for the lottery of the selected item, add it to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Step 5: You will automatically be redirected to your cart information window. Please check if the item(s) in your cart is/are the one(s) you selected. You can ignore the two buttons in Japanese. The left one only refreshes your cart window, the right one deletes all products from your cart.

Step 6: If you wish to purchase more than one product, you can click on the “Continue Shopping” button, add more products to your cart and access the cart window later via the cart icon.

(Note: Applying for each product individually does not increase your chances of winning. The chances of winning for one order containing multiple products or several single product orders are the same!)

Step 7: If you are ready to proceed, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Step 8: Please check your selected items again. Make sure you only apply for items that you are also willing to pay for in case you get selected as a winner.

Step 9: Fill in your personal information. NAME, PREFECTURE, FULL ADDRESS; COUNTRY; EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and PAYPAL ACCOUNT must be filled out!

• Name: Your full name in either Roman characters or Chinese characters.

• Roman alphabet: Only for those using Chinese characters for their full name, please write your name in Pinyin. (OPTIONAL)

• Postal Code: Please ignore this blank!

• Prefectures: Please select 海外 (last option)

• Full Address: Your full address including the postal code!

• Country: The country you live in.

• E-mail address: Your email address

• Phone number: Your phone number (only including numbers, do not use symbols like “+” or the space key in-between numbers)

• PayPal Account: The email address you use for logging into your PayPal account.

Step 10: After filling in your personal information and checking it, proceed by clicking "Next".

Step 11: Please check your information again and see if it is correct. If your shipping address differs from your home address, please fill in the information according to the changes.

In the “Notes” section you have the chance to provide your social Media account. We have prepared a special selection for customers who submit their social network account in their applications. Only use your own social media account link. If we find out that anyone is using any social network account belonging to someone else, we will cancel the registration. Also use the “Notes” section to send us a short message. Proceed by clicking "Next".

Step 12: Check your order information. We only accept Paypal as a payment method. Please read the Shipping and Payment instructions carefully.

Step 13: Check all your product information and personal information and shipping information again and make sure, everything you stated is correct. If so, please click on the “Order” button to complete your lottery application.

Step 14: You successfully entered the lottery. You will receive an auto-reply email to confirm your lottery entry. Please note, that this email only confirms your lottery entry.

Please read our lottery application <Terms and Conditions> for further information.

INSTINCTOY wishes you the best of luck and thank you for joining.