<Featured Article> The Secret Origin Story of『 Monster Fluffy』

At Tokyo Comic Con, which was held at the end of last year, INSTINCTOY's latest character "Monster Fuffy" made its debut in the form of a pre-release. Via our February online lottery sales, this work will be released to the general public, and I would like to use this occasion to introduce this character again in form of a featured article.

Monster Fuffy was initially created to be part of the blind box "Kaiju Hunting 2", which was released on February 1st.

This blind box has the theme of “Hunters hunting for Kaiju”. The company behind the blind box, Paradise Toy, is based in Taipei and is actively involved in the promotion of artists of the ART TOY industry. They offered us the opportunity to provide them a “Kaiju design” for this blind box series.

The design requirement was that it had to fit into a small box of about 6 square centimeters. However, at the same time, I also wanted this character to have the presence and volume of a “Kaiju”. Multiple artists joined this project, therefore I wanted to create an original character that can be identified right away as an INSTINCTOY work among the other Kaiju works included in this blind box.

“Monster Fluffy” is inspired by our character "Fluffy". “Fluffy” is a character which was designed as a symbiotic monster infesting “Muckey”, which was released in 2013. However, a good friend of mine suggested to make it an independent character like “LIQUID” or “ICE LIQUID”. After about six years since its first appearance, “Fluffy” was officially released as an independent character in 2019.

It so happened that the decision to produce “Fluffy” and the offer from Jones, the representative of Paradise Toy, to work on a Kaiju character, exactly coincided. Because of this, "Monster Fluffy" was designed with an image in mind that is derived from “Fluffy”.

During the design process, I wanted to change this character’s expression to something similar like “Muckey’s”. However, because the condition was to create it as a mini figure for "Kaiju Hunting 2", so the number of parts and structure had to be as simple as possible. Under such restrictions, I came up with the idea of adding "hand gestures".

This is a very simple structure where you can only move both arms. However, it gives the figure one of the characteristics and enjoyments of sofubi, which is being able to create “changeable expression” through several gestures such as “hiding the face”, “covering the mouth”, “letting both arms hang” etc. This creates emotional expressions such as “shyness”, “being in a hurry” and “weakness”.

In addition, we have decided to give the arm a curved shape, so when attached to the body, it does not break the cute rounded shape of “Monster Fluffy”. This also ensures that the round form of this character remains no matter what position the arms are in.

On a sidenote, the arms are designed the same way as the arms of EROSION MOLLY, a collaboration work with KENNYSWORK released in 2017.

“Kaiju Hunting 2”, which was released on February 1, seems to be very popular. It is a great pleasure for me to see the many images uploaded on social media by our customers, who have received “Monster Fluffy” as part of their “hunt”.

This time, we introduce “Monster Fluffy” in form of a full-fledged soft vinyl figure made by INSTINCTOY on our online shop as part of this general release.

First of all, the restrictions on parts, which the minifigure had, have been lifted. Therefore, body parts have been subdivided to achieve the best quality. The horns, both arms, both hands, and both legs are finely divided into 18 parts.

The memorable 1st color is "FUZZY", which is inspired by fuzz and fluff. Even though it is a grown-up version, the cuteness of the various gestures and expressions, which are created by moving the arms, remain.

The main body glows in the dark!

This is a limited INSTINCTOY original work and this month’s online lottery sale will be the final sale of the 1st color “FUZZY”.

We are planning to sell other color variations in the future, mainly at events, so please look forward to more.

Wait! There is even more!

This year, we will also release a collaboration work named “Monster Zimomo”, which will be a cross over between with the popular character “Zimomo” by Kasing Lung and “Monster Fluffy”. Please stay tuned for more updates in the future.