Introducing: ICE EROSION MOLLY 3rd『Glacial Queen』

This latest version of KENNYSWORK x INSTINCTOY ICE EROSION MOLLY is being released 2 years after the 2nd color "Fantasia", which was released in 2018! Now, the 3rd color "Glacial Queen" has finally arrived.

This version was first exhibited at the INSTINCTOY booth of TTE2019 (Thailand Toy Expo) held in Thailand during last year's May, and was very popular from the start.

ICE EROSION MOLLY was released in two color variations so far, and the 1st color was inspired by the simple image of "ICE". For the 2nd color, we used the "Fanatsia" color, which is one of the most popular INSTINCTOY original colorways. The concept of this 3rd color is to resemble an "Ice Queen".

ICE EROSION MOLLY is one of INSTINCTOY's "high quality soft vinyl" figures, consisting of 19 parts (+10 crystals).

Taking advantage of the detailed part division structure, we performed part molding to change the glitter color of each part. On the crown alone we used 4 different colors of glitter.

For the body, we used an INSTINCTOY original formula to create the "aurora glitter" effect.  Also, snow crystal glitter was mixed in to make the glitter effect of the body very special.

Even the "earmuffs" are molded with snow crystal glitter ! Of course, the white parts of the earmuffs are also coated with "flocky" material to make them appear soft and fluffy.

For the finishing touch, vivid and colorful transparent paint was applied onto the clear glitter surface. Thorough attention was paid to the painting process, and the snowflakes scattered all over the main body look like "cherry blossoms". This creates the image of the transition from winter to spring, which perfectly fits the current season.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce another feature of this work!

The crown and both hands glow in the dark. Because the distribution of the phosphorescent powder is about 40%, the crown glows while still having the clarity of ice. The ICE LIQUIDs on the crown also look fantastic in the dark. In addition, both hands emit high-luminance phosphorescent light, revealing glitter snowflakes on both arms in the dark. In that regard, it is also important to point out that only snowflake glitter is used in both arms to create this particular effect.

A lot of focus has been placed on all the small details which have been added to this latest color. Given the very limited space, this was not an easy thing to accomplish. We hope you are already excited about this latest work and we are looking forward to receiving your lottery application. 

<Additional information regarding the sales price>

The sales price of the previous work and 2nd color was 25,500 JPY including tax. However, as mentioned above, using 6 types of glitter and phosphorescent material for the seperated parts, the number of production steps during molding and an increase in the defective rate etc. greatly affected the production of this work, and therefore the production cost also increased significantly. As a result, a sales price increase of 1,500 JPY including tax compared to the previous colorways could not be avoided. Therefore, the selling price of the 3rd color will be 27,000 JPY including tax. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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We are looking forward to your participation!