MEGA EROSION MOLLY has been a project we have been working on for the past three years. Now, this work is finally completed! With this blog entry, we would like to offer more insight into the production process and show our commitment to this work.

With a height of about 68 cm and a weight of about 6.4 kg, both the product package and the body make this a "MEGA" sized soft vinyl product.

If you compare the size with the regular EROSION MOLLY from 2016 (around 24cm tall), you will see that the size increased by about 280% (around 68cm tall)!

EROSION MOLLY has been very popular since its introduction in 2016, and the regular series was released in 10 color variations so far. After that, we developed a wide range of mini Erosion Molly, Baby Erosion Molly and ICE EROSION MOLLY. The quantities are 300-1000 pieces for each color of the regular series, 2000 pieces for the mini-series and 2500 pieces for the Baby series. All of these works enjoy great popularity and they are loved by many customers. So far, we have mass-produced these products for a wide range of people and have developed a series.

MEGA EROSION MOLLY is the "peak" that was reached during this process.

In the EROSION MOLLY series, MEGA EROSION MOLLY was completed with the desire to create a work that could be called the "ultimate masterpiece”.

Therefore, MEGA EROSION MOLLY was not manufactured as a "mass-produced product".

Because the pursuit of creating an "ultimate" version is a major premise of the work, it is not suitable for mass production at all. In addition, other than the development of a very small amount of art pieces in the future, we are currently not thinking about developing color variations for this series like there are for the regular series.

This is the first and last mass-produced MEGA EROSION MOLLY.

During production, we did not focus on profitability or the difficulties of a production like this. All we were aiming for was to give this work "a beautiful finish".

All parts, from the paws to the nails etc., have been subdivided to the maximum, so that the overall appearance does not look rough even with the major increase in size.

The regular series consists of 9 parts (+ 10 crystals /eyeballs), a total of 19 parts. MEGA MOLLY however consists of 49 parts (+ 10 crystals /eyeballs), making it a total of 59 parts.

Because only one color could be chosen, we went with our "Fantasia" color in the end! As we further improved the coloring, MEGA EROSION MOLLY's colorway is titled "MAJESTIC FANTASIA".

Fantasia is one of the most popular colorways of the regular series and it is the color that I personally like the most. Based on this color, we also further developed and upgraded MEGA MOLLY's "crown" and "nail" color.

As mentioned above, the first area where the color has evolved is the "crown".

Taking advantage of the divided parts, all four spheres attached to the crown are molded with glitter. We were very particular about using glitter that mixes with clear sol, so we went directly to a special material store and chose the colors we wanted to use. Based on the "Trump" card design...





...we were using these special glitter mixes for the crown.

Aurora "glitter" was used for the "K" symbol in the center of the crown.

The 4 LIQUIDs on the crown, with their complex liquid shape, are painted with the same Fantasia color as the body. The crystal eyes feature an aurora color.

In addition to the 4 LIQUIDs on the crown, the other LIQUID on the main body has even larger crystals as its eyes. They are 1,5cm in diameter and give this LIQUID a great presence!

The second point where we upgraded the color were the nails/ claws. Here, we also used metallic paint to give it a high-end touch, making the most of the structure of the divided parts.

Just as the "Fantasia" version of the regular EROSION MOLLY series, MEGA MOLLY’s body also has the “glow-in-the-dark” effect. The aura and presence of this piece in the dark, standing at around 68cm in total, is truly breathtaking. On a side note, we had to use about 100 kg of phosphorescent powder for this production, including the excess material waste. So, the amount of material we had to use for a product this large also fits the word “MEGA”.

Regarding the problem of balance, which can be said to be “the biggest problem for large soft vinyl figures”, we have repeatedly made prototypes. In the end, we managed to adjust everything so that the figure can stand independently while holding its balance, without deformation or tilting due to its own weight.

Even though this is a mass-produced product, we put all our focus on the details, and we are confident that each piece is a perfect work. Although this is a very expensive product, we are sure that if you are a collector of EROSION MOLLY, the moment you receive the actual product, the satisfaction and joy this product will bring to you will outweigh its price.

[Additional information regarding this product]

<Total quantity>

Limited to 150 pieces worldwide. A [Certificate of Authenticity] with the serial number is included.

(* The certificate of authenticity cannot be reissued. Please note that if you lose the certificate of authenticity, you will not be able to receive product warranty service.)

<Area sales restrictions due to copyright>

The sales rights of this product are exclusive to INSTINCTOY, KENNYSWORK and POP MART. Due to a copyright agreement, sales in mainland China are carried out by KENNYS WORK and POP MART. For all other countries (except Mainland China), INSTINCTOY will be responsible for the sales. Therefore, please note that we cannot accept applications from mainland China for this lottery product.

<Sales price and estimated shipping fees>

The sales price is 260,000JPY including tax. In addition to the product price, shipping and customs duties need to be covered by the customer.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation, air traffic is very limited at the moment and this also resulted in increased shipping fees as well as delays. If all products were first shipped from our factory to INSTINCTOY (Japan) and then shipped out to the customers from there, as it is usually the case with lottery products, various additional expenses other than the manufacturing costs will occur and the sales price would end up being 300,000JPY or more. Since the product is already expensive and large, we decided that it is most efficient to set up a "warehouse and distribution center" in our manufacturing base in China and ship to our customers directly from there.

We compared all the shipping companies and chose the best option for each country. Please see the list below for the shipping company and the estimated shipping fee.

(* The shipping fee varies depending on the delivery area.)

Japan <Shipping Company / OCS: Shipping Fee approximately 30,000JPY>

USA <Shipping Company / FEDEX: Shipping Fee approximately 40,000JPY>

Europe <Shipping Company / FEDEX: Shipping Fee approximately 40,000JPY>

Korea <Shipping Company / FEDEX: Shipping Fee approximately 30,000JPY>

Singapore <Shipping Company / FEDEX: Shipping Fee approximately 25,000JPY>

Thailand <Shipping Company / FEDEX: Shipping Fee approximately 25,000JPY>

Hong Kong <Shipping Company / SF Express (payment upon delivery): Shipping Fee approximately 3,500JPY>

Taiwan <Shipping Company / SF Express (payment upon delivery): Shipping Fee approximately 9,000JPY>

The above shipping charges as well as import duties/ consumption tax need to be covered by the customer.

Even though this product will be shipped from our distribution center in China, please be assured that INSTINCTOY will be responsible for handling the shipment until it arrives.

<Important notes on how to handle MEGA EROSION MOLLY>

-Due to the material used, please keep the product away from direct sunlight or high temperatures. This may cause deformation or deterioration.

-If the storage location's temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, please store the product within a box.

-The certificate of authenticity along with the serial number serves as the product’s warranty. The certificate of authenticity cannot be reissued. Please note that if you lose the certificate of authenticity (product warranty), you will not be able to receive product warranty service.

-Do not store the product at high or unstable places. There is a dangerous risk when falling.

-Please note that heavy weight or impact may damage the product.

-When carrying the product, please grab the main body. Lifting the crown or head may cause the parts to separate.

-This product is designed to hold its balance only for itself. If additional weight is put on the head for a long time, the product will lose its balance and tilting may occur.

※Please note that repairs or exchanges will not be covered by the warranty if the damage or deformation was caused by incorrect handling such as not following the handling precautions mentioned above.

※ Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the product in case there is an initial product defect.

The above summarizes all the information about MEGA EROSION MOLLY.

Customers who wish to apply for the lottery sale after agreeing to the notes above as well as the lottery application terms and conditions, please proceed to the separate exclusive lottery sales article and submit your application.

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We are looking forward to your participation.