【Now accepting Pre-Orders (Product made upon request) 】ICE VINCENT Art Acryl Board

This is a made-upon-request product, which will be offered for a limited time [July 6th (Monday) 2020 to July 12th (Sunday) 2020, 23:59]. Now, as we start to accept applications for this product, we would like to give a short introduction about this work and talk about the circumstances that led us to creating the ICE VINCENT Art Acryl Board.

At Tokyo Comic Con held at Makuhari Messe at the end of last year, we used the Art Acryl Board as a display stand to promote the latest color of ICE VINCENT, "Ultimate Spectrum".

Initially, there was no plan to offer his product for sale. However after the event, many people, who were at the event in person or saw the pictures of the exhibition on our social media, reached out to us and asked to make the Art Acryl Board an official product. This led to this work being manufactured upon request.

The initial sample exhibited at the event was a model where the holographic effect was linear and in rainbow colors. However, when we decided to officially offer this product, we also evaluated the hologram again, looking for the most beautiful holographic effect.

In order to find the best holographic effect, we had several samples made by a specialized manufacturer. In the end, we decided that the hologram which reflects in grain shape rather than the original linear reflection brings out the main illustration in the best way and gives the work a beautiful finish.

Here is the final model that has been completed this way.

An infinite number of granular holographic effects reflect the light beautifully without disturbing the illustration.

Between the product size of about 40 cm in diameter and the thickness of the acryl being 5mm, we found this to be the perfect balance between durability and transparency, resulting in a luxurious and thick finish. Furthermore, a special coating has been applied to prevent the illustration printed on the back from being scratched.

Since the acrylic plate, the processing fee, the holographic film and the coating processing costs are very high, even when cutting profits, the sales price is 25,000JPY (1 piece) including tax. We commissioned a Japanese acrylic processing specialist who also works on art pieces etc. with this production. As a result, each piece is a gem, finished beautifully by hand by the craftsman.

<Precautions regarding payment>

In the lottery sales that we hold every month, the probability of winning is very low, so there is rarely an unauthorized cancellation. However, for the first-come-first-served sales of our products, the cancellation rate is always several percent. In some cases, the customers’ behavior is especially rude, that even if the product is shipped out after confirming the customers’ intention to purchase beforehand, there are often cases where the products are refused by the customers.

For this reason, and because this product is an acrylic product which is a completely different type of industry unlike our original figures that we usually offer, we will use the “payment in advance” payment method. Also, because this is an external order for a high cost product, which keeps profits down to the last minute.

In addition, orders will be placed from our side according to the order of the payments we receive (not the order of the orders placed). The product will be shipped after production is completed, according to the order in which we received the payment.

Order acceptance period: From July 6th, 2020 (Monday) to July 12th, 2020 (Sunday) 23:59 JAPAN TIME

(*If the total amount of orders exceeds the order limit for this product, we may close the order acceptance window before the ending date (July 12, 2020 23:59 JAPAN TIME) stated above. Therefore, please place your order as soon as possible.)

Payment period: From Monday, July 6th, 2020 to Wednesday, July 15th, 2020, 23:59 JAPAN TIME (payment due)

Production period: Approximately 6 to 8 weeks (After production is completed, items will be shipped out according to the order in which we received the payment.)

Please make sure to thoroughly read the <Terms and Conditions> before placing an order.

<Terms and Conditions>

*This product is made-upon-request. It is a product that can be purchased by any customer who places an order within the order acceptance period and completes the payment within the payment deadline.

*Please make sure to complete your payment by Wednesday, July 15th. Even if you place an order, if your payment is not confirmed within the payment deadline, your order will be cancelled.

*Please note that we cannot issue refunds (in case of order cancellation) for any cancellation made after payment has been received.

*If production/delivery faces difficulties due to the impact of the COVID-19 or other unforeseen events, we may terminate the transaction and issue a refund of the full paid amount (product price/shipping fee).

*Products are scheduled to be delivered between the end of August 2020 and the beginning of September 2020. (The arrival date may be subject to change due to the manufacturer's circumstances.)

*Customers who have completed their payment on time will receive an order receipt number from us. We will arrange the delivery of the product (including the case of partial delivery by the manufacturer due to certain circumstances ) according to the order of these receipt numbers and not the timely order in which the orders have been placed on our website.

* The payment has to be made via PayPal in Japanese Yen (JPY) only.

* In addition to the product price, a shipping fee will be charged. Please also note that import duties / consumption tax also need to be covered by the customer.

<Product details>

● Size: about 420mm x 400mm

● Thickness: approx. 5mm

● Material: Acryl

● Made in Japan

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We are looking forward to receiving your order.