【<First Lottery of 2021>2 new POP MART collaboration works <Ends 1/10>】

We would like to provide updates regarding the products for the first lottery in 2021.

Since last year, we have announced a number of new collaboration works between POP MART x INSTINCTOY, starting with the RELAX & SHOCK blind box series. We are happy to announce two new collaboration works, which were released for the first time in mainland China at the end of 2020. These have also arrived at INSTINCTOY to be offered to our customers residing in Japan. We will start the lottery sales of these two works in the beginning of the new year.

Here is the first item!

Monster Fluffy (Life with Fuzzy) Lamp

Price: 29,700JPY

Monster Fluffy is one of the latest original characters by INSTINCTOY. In 2020, this character debuted as part of the Lucky Bag. Since then, 6 different colors were created within the year, making Monster Fluffy a very popular character.

(For more details about Monster Fluffy, please see this blog article ↓)

Among all the color variations so far, "FUZZY" was inspired by the concept of a "fur ball". It was released in February last year and was limited to 300 pieces. This makes it difficult to obtain. We have received many inquiries from customers and fans, asking if there will be re-stocks as they could not get their hands on one of these.

Since creating the first original works in 2008, INSTINCTOY values the old Japanese saying of "Ichi-go-ichi-e" which translates to "for this time only". It means that it is important to treasure the unrepeatable nature of a moment. This also applies to the design, the customer, and the product itself. Therefore, one of our corporate philosophies is to not re-offer previous works. Hence we unfortunately cannot fulfill the wish of many customers to offer Monster Fluffy "Fuzzy" again. Instead, we have increased its size by 200% in this latest collaboration with POP MART. This product is equipped with the latest interior lighting function and depicts Monster Fluffy with a new sitting pose. For the colorway, we used the 1st color "FUZZY".

This latest work has been increased in size, from the regular size of about 140 mm to a total height of about 270 mm. The prototype and the quality is impeccable and with POP MART's technical capabilities, this came out the best way possible.

By connecting the USB plug to a power supply and tapping the head lightly, the vibration sensor will detect the movement and the entire body will emit light.

You can also adjust the light intensity of the lamp by tapping it twice. When placed at the bedside, it will illuminate with a gentle light. Also, the main body is made of soft vinyl that has blue glow-in-the-dark phosphorescence. Even after the lamp is switched off, it will continue to emit a beautiful soft glow.

Please see the following video produced by POP MART to see more about the light emission of this product.

We imagined "What if Monster Fluffy actually exists..." , and made it in a size that reflects our imagination. We would be happy if you could incorporate this piece somewhere in your living arrangements.

Here is the second item!

Muckey Plush “BABY BLUE”

Price: 4,510JPY

Muckey, which was first introduced as an original character of INSTINCTOY in 2013, has been everyone's friend for about 7 years already! Now, POP MART has transformed Muckey into a "stuffed animal".

We considered producing this product type because we thought Muckey would be adorable even as a stuffed animal. However, we had to shelve the idea as we were unable to achieve a good cost balance, which would have resulted in a high retail price.

Thanks to POP MART, this piece could be completed at a reasonable retail price.

The opening and closing mechanism of Muckey's mouth, which is the stand-out feature of Muckey, has been completely reproduced by adding a zipper on the mouth. We made a 10-second video showcasing the opening and closing of the mouth, so please have a look ↓

Of course, the Fluffy that is usually attached to the waist is also there!

The plush comes in a classy and cute packaging box, making it an ideal gift. By becoming a stuffed animal, we hope that Muckey will be loved by a wider range of people beyond soft vinyl fans.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Due to the regional restrictions, we can only ship within Japan for this lottery sale. International customers who wish to purchase, please contact POP MART or your local POP MART retailer for more information.

Thank you for your support!

[2021 INSTINCTOY Lucky Bag Sales Announcement / Release Delay Notice]

Since 2015, we have been selling special lucky bag set that summarizes the latest works of the year in gold, silver, red, and white color variations on an annual basis. This project has also been announced on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and we have been preparing for this year’s lucky bag sale since last year.

This year, we are preparing a special line-up that includes six products, which is the largest number to date for the lucky bag. Four products have already been completed at the end of last year, but two are still in production.

Among the unfinished products, one of them is the third of the original monsters of JAMES GROMAN × INSTINCTOY, the MEGA-MIXASAURUS!

The latest information will be published on INSTINCTOY’s official social media platforms. If you are also looking forward to this lucky bag, please be sure to continue to stay tuned to our updates.

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