【Lottery Sale January】Information regarding 3 new products【Application Deadline 19th January】

We will now introduce the January lottery sales products, this will be the first lottery in 2022.

We have prepared 3 works for this month's lottery and we will introduce each work sequentially.

Please see below for product details.


Kaiju Killer 2nd Color "Guardian of the Sky"

Price: 110,000 JPY

In 2019 we released the first color "Eye of the Mountain", after two and a half years we are finally going to release the second color!

The Kaiju Killer is undoubtedly one of the most challenging INSTINCTOY original works to manufacture and the second color encountered a few postponements due to the pandemic affecting the production schedule. We are confident with the release of this new work, collectors who have been anticipating and waiting patiently will enjoy its beauty.

For collectors who have been patiently waiting, and new collectors who are interested in the Kaiju Killer, you can read our previous blog introduction on this work.

Kaiju Killer is a collaboration project with JAMES GROMAN, and is the second work after KING KORPSE. From planning to completion of the work, the details were shared in the earlier blog article, please read it here → https://www.instinctoy.blog/posts/6573505

The 1st color "Eye of the Mountain" was an original color designed by James with the concept of "the guardian god of the mountains". For the 2nd color released this time, it was created by INSTINCTOY with the concept of "the guardian god of the sky". Although the colorway seems simple at first glance, it portrays a sacred atmosphere and is a charming colorway. We imagined the Kaiju Killer’s existence in reality, and put in effort to express all the details during production.

< Skull Collection >

When the Kaiju Killer completes a successful hunt, the bones of the hunted monsters are kept to be made into accessories and weapons. There are five monster bone parts, each is from a sacred celestial beast, painted in the color of bones.

The largest skull accessory can be fitted onto the right shoulder as an armor, and can also be used as a mask.

< Dragon Sword >

After slaying a legendary dragon, the wing was fabricated into a sword.

The other 4 smaller bone skull accessories can be attached on the end of the hilt of the sword.

The Dragon Sword measures approximately 340mm, and looks impressive when posed. Collectors can enjoy customizing the sword by attaching the bone accessories they prefer.

< Shell Shield >

A strong shield fabricated from the shell of a reptilian monster.

We pursued a realistic look for the underside of the shield.

At first glance it looks like a shield, but the claws on the side also serve as weaponry. Measuring approximately 230mm, wielding this massive shell shield is impressive!

< Shoulder Armor >

Kaiju Killer has a wounded shoulder and uses a parasitic shelled beast to treat the injury. The monster erodes onto the left shoulder, and provides protection at the same time. The mysterious color of the shell is attained by mixing polarized pigment into the paint. The parasitic shelled beast has movable parts, both eyes have ball joints and the angles of the eyes can be adjusted.


On the side of Kaiju Killer's waist, there is a small pouch attached, which contains his companion "MONSTER LIQUID”.

The pouch is colored a smoky black, while the rope detailing is in glossy black. The red interior of the pouch is a cool addition to the design.

< Packaging design & Certificate of Authenticity >

The packaging of this work is a hemp bag which measures approximately 550mm. The bag can be closed by looping the strings around the opening of the bag. There is a leather serial tag enclosed, with the serial number embossed. A 3D metal badge of the Kaiju Killer is also included. Additionally, a certificate of authenticity is issued for each Kaiju Killer. Regarding more information on the certificate of authenticity, please read the blog article here → https://www.instinctoy.blog/posts/18238772

The packaging of this work is a hemp bag which measures approximately 550mm. The bag can be closed by looping the strings around the opening of the bag. There is a leather serial tag enclosed, with the serial number embossed. A 3D metal badge of the Kaiju Killer is also included. Additionally, a certificate of authenticity is issued for each Kaiju Killer. Regarding more information on the certificate of authenticity, please read the blog article here →

This work is limited to 77 pieces. The retail price is 110,000 JPY.

< Kaiju Killer won 3 awards in the Designer Toy Awards 2021! >

In last year’s Designer Toy Awards 2021 held in October, the Kaiju Killer won these 3 awards “BEST VINYL & PLASTIC”, “CUSTOM OF THE YEAR” and “BEST PRODUCTION SCULPT”.

We are grateful to receive the acknowledgement and vote of confidence from the judges and collectors. We share the joy of winning together with James and JRYU.

We will continue to work hard and hope to create more works that everyone will love. Once again we thank everybody for your support.

Kaising Lung x INSTINCTOY

Monster Zimomo 2nd Color "ASTRAL"

Price: 25,300 JPY

In spring last year we released “Monster Zimomo”, a collaboration work with Kasing Lung. This time, it will be released in a new color!

Monster Zimomo is a fusion of Kasing’s iconic character Zimomo and INSTINCTOY’s original character Monster Fluffy, and is designed and manufactured by INSTINCTOY. The 1st color is in INSTINCTOY’s signature “Fantasia” color, while the 2nd color is designed by Kasing, and produced by INSTINCTOY. The retail price will be the same as the 1st color, at 25,300 JPY.

A vibrant gradation is used on the transparent body, and the inside of the figure is filled with PVC strips with aurora shine. When light penetrates the transparent body, you can see the aurora shine reflected from the inside, giving the work a beautiful look.

The eight horns, face, hands and feet are all separately molded and the skin color is created by directly molding the color into the material.

Although the packaging looks simple, the header card is made of a hard PVC material which is transparent like the figure. When we ship the work out to collectors, we will not staple the header card but instead pack it together with the figure. Based on the collector’s preference, the PVC header card can be displayed together with the work.

The production quantity is the same as the 1st color, at 300 pieces. Last year HOW2WORK first released this work at Hong Kong’s TOY SOUL event. This time at INSTINCTOY’s January lottery sales, there will be 100 pieces available. This will be the only lottery for INSTINCTOY, please do not miss it.



Price: 69,850 JPY

KIWI is a collaboration work of BBT x INSTINCTOY, this time it is redesigned by the Chinese creative art studio "WAY", in the style of their "SKELETON" series.

Here we will introduce the information provided to us by the artist themselves.

<WAY's Design Concept>

The skeleton design concept is to show both the internal structure which usually cannot be easily seen, and external appearance of the character through a gradual melted look. This lets everyone appreciate the beauty of both sides. This time KIWI has retained half of it's original appearance, while the other half has a melted appearance, allowing one to see the skeleton inside and making this an intricate work of art.

Aside from the design, we also emphasised on quality. To attain a high level of transparency, our choice of material is resin. When light penetrates the figure it elevates the beauty of the work. KIWI weighs 2.2kg and the weight lends a luxurious feeling to the work.

Every KIWI comes with a specially made serial number card.

The WAY KIWI is limited to 150 pieces. The standard color is blue, glows blue in the dark and is 130/150. A secret color is mixed into the quantity. The secret color is green, glows green in the dark, and is at a probability of 20/150. Customers will only know what color they receive upon opening their parcel. Please look forward to it.

The glow-in-the-dark effect of the bones is mesmerising, please enjoy the beauty of this work.

There will be 50 pieces available from INSTINCTOY.

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In the "Notes" field in the application form please fill in your complete social media URL. By providing your social media URL it helps us when checking the application. (If you missed out on filling this in during registration, please register again and write in the "Notes" column "Re-apply".)

【Notice: Please apply with your NAME and ADDRESS in ENGLISH!】

Due to a system change, the EMS shipping company does not accept NAMES and ADDRESSES in Chinese characters anymore. Now, with both EMS and SF Express requiring NAME and ADDRESS in English, we unfortunately cannot accept applications using Chinese characters in the Name and Address field anymore. We kindly ask for your understanding.

【Information regarding the lottery sales】

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before you send in your applications. Sending an application will indicate an agreement to abide by these rules.

<Terms & Conditions>

・These products are available in limited numbers, only one lottery entry will be accepted for each individual postal address.

・Customers can send an application form only once. We will not accept more than one application from the same person.

・The winners' personal information (name/address) cannot be changed after the winning notification has been sent out. Therefore, at the time of registration, please make sure your information is correct before signing up.

・If we detect that customers are using a false name to make multiple registrations using the same address or the same PayPal account, the relevant application(s) will be automatically cancelled. Please make sure to sign up with your own profile.

・Please note that applications cannot be cancelled after the entry period is closed.

・Customers who have previously cancelled their order or did not make their payment are not allowed to join our lottery.

・After you receive the invoice from us, the payment has to be completed within 1 week.

・Customers need to cover the shipping fee besides the product prices.

Entry Period: January 17th (Monday) till January 19th (Wednesday) 2021 2359h Japan Time

Winners announcement: Emails will be sent on January 22nd (Saturday) until 1900h. Japan Time

※ Only winners will receive a prize announcement mail. After getting the mail, if you have any questions regarding the lottery results, please contact us.

After payment is received, we will start shipping from Japan on January 24th (Monday). Due to the large number of shipments, overseas customers may need to wait for two or three days for their orders to be shipped. Also, as the shipping period is near the Lunar New Year holiday, there may be unexpected delays. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please understand the【Terms & Conditions】before you enter the lottery. The sales page is linked below.

For English language support, please use a PC or laptop to make your applications. (It only shows up in Japanese on the cellphone.)

Please follow this link to apply for the lottery↓

We are looking forward to receiving your application!