[Application] Tokyo Comic Con email pre-lottery [Ends on Nov. 11th]

The first 50 winners (No.1-50) of the <Lottery Sales> on the first day (11/22), as well as the second day (11/23) of Tokyo Comic Con will be determined via email pre-lottery.

The <venue lottery on the day(s) of the event> takes about 3 hours, starting from the lottery ticket distribution to the announcement of the winners to the sales. Therefore, the purpose of holding an email pre-lottery is to not only offer our customers the chance to purchase limited items but also being able to start the sales as early as possible on days where our lottery takes place.

Winners will be notified via email, including the winning details [Winning Date & No. 1-50]. On the day of the event, we will carry out the sales according to the order of the winning numbers.

<First day of the event: November 22nd (Friday)>

14: 00- = Pre-lottery winners No.1-25

14: 30 ~ = Pre-lottery winners No. 26~50

<Second day of the event: November 23rd (Saturday)>

12: 00 ~ = Pre-lottery winners No.1~25

12: 30 ~ = Pre-lottery winners No.26~50

You can purchase up to 3 items from the list below (with limited selection for each slot), the same way winners of the <venue lottery on the day(s) of the event> can. For more details regarding the sales terms and conditions, please check the <venue lottery on the day(s) of the event> section in the previous blog post.→https://www.instinctoy.blog/posts/7168159

In addition, customers who have won in the email pre-lottery can purchase up to two precious past works from the “Product List” of each day, which have been prepared as a part of the special INSTINCTOY warehouse storage sale. We will pick up some items from our storage list and bring them to Tokyo Comic Con, including original works produced by INSTINCTOY between 2008 and 2019, as well as EXCLUSIVE works.

These are some of the available products ↓

Because those are very special products, the stock quantity per item ranges from 1 to a few. In addition to the products shown in the image above, we are planning to prepare many other products. However, in order to prevent reselling, the list of available items will remain confidential and will only be disclosed at the cash register to those who have been selected on the day of the lottery sales. Please be aware that we are unable to answer any questions regarding the content of the products we have prepared. In addition, the maximum number of products that can be selected has to be under 60,000 yen in total (only one product exceeding 60,000 Yen per person).

If you wish to apply for the <email pre-lottery>, in order to eliminate applications with the intention of reselling as much as possible and to increase the probability that end users can win, please read the <Application Conditions> stated below. Only applicants who answer both two questions while also agreeing to the <Application Rules> will be accepted.

<Application Conditions>

・ Applicants must be able to come to the INSTINCTOY booth by 14:00 on November 22nd or 12:00 on November 23rd (first or second day of Tokyo Comic Con).

(*In order to enter Tokyo Comic Con, a ticket must be purchased. You must purchase the ticket yourself and enter the venue.)

・ Customers under the age of 15 cannot participate in the lottery. If necessary, we may ask you to confirm your ID.

・ Only customers who have used the INSTINCTOY online store at least once in the past can apply.

・ Applicants must provide their social media (FB/IG/Twitter) URL so that we can see their collection, or attach collection images to the email.

・Applicants must answer the following two questions in their application email.


Q1: Which one is your favorite INSTINCTOY original character?

Q2: Regardless of INSTINCTOY’s original characters, what is your favorite product sold by INSTINCTOY so far?

<Application Rules>

・ Please make sure to state your full name (according to your passport or ID card) when applying. It is not necessary to provide further personal information (e.g. your address) other than your full name. On the day of the event, please present your passport/ identification card (photo must be included) in order to confirm your real name and identity.

・ Only the applicant himself /herself is eligible to purchase products. No transfer or sales of winning rights to agents or to third parties is permitted.

・If you do not arrive at our booth according to the stated date and time (first day or second day), your win will be invalidated and cancelled.

・If we detect that customers are using a false name. make multiple applications or provide a social media profile that is not their own, the respective application(s) will be automatically cancelled. 

Customers who wish to apply should fill in the following information (<1> to <6>) requested below and submit their application via email to



Subject: TCC2019 INSTINCTOY email pre-lottery application


<1> Your full name (real name according to your passport/ID card):

<2> Telephone number:

<3> Nationality :

<4> SNS account: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. (* Please provide the URL of your personal page. Providing only the name is not allowed.)

<5> preferred date to come to our booth: November 22nd, November 23rd or both


Answer to question 1

Answer to question 2


The winners will be announced and directely contacted via email on November 15th (Friday) until 19:00.

※Please note that individual winning confirmations will not be available.

We are looking forward to your application.