【Information: Tokyo Comic Con venue exclusive event】

From November 22nd to November 24th this year, we will be participating at Tokyo Comic Con held at Makuhari Messe. We will hold a special exhibition and sale of one-off works at our booth.

This year's motif work is the latest collaboration between JAMES GROMAN × INSTINCTOY“Kaiju Killer”.

The one-off custom works will be produced by BLACK RABBiT's Tadayuki Iwa, J  RYU, JAMES GROMAN and INSTINCTOY.

The first artist we would like to introduce is  RYU.

We already had the pleasure to work with him last year, where we were able to create an amazing piece. J⭐︎RYU's work concept this time was to recreate the world Kaiju Killer is living in, in order to present him in the best way possible. The title of this work is “A Smashing Day at the Beach”.

This work consists of Emperor Krab One, which inhabits the skull of a giant Kaiju and a custom-designed hammer (God ’s Smiting Earthshatterer), which is wielded by the powerful Kaiju Killer itself. Unfortunately the dimensions of this figure and the powerful aura radiating from this work cannot be seen and felt from just a picture alone. This piece is over 50cm in height, so we welcome you to see it for yourself at the INSTINCTOY booth at Tokyo Comic Con.

The second artist joining our event is JAMES GROMAN.

Unfortunately, he was not able to participate in the KING KORPSE custom event held at Tokyo Comic Con last year due to poor physical condition. This year, we are very happy to announce that he could finally participate in this first custom event for Kaiju Killer, and the result is a work with the title “Krakatoa Kaiju Killer”.

This work is inspired by a god who rules over volcanic islands and manifests itself via JAMES’ original colorway. Kaiju Killer is a work with a back story closely related to mountains. Therefore, this version has an excellent compatibility with the concept.

The third artist in the lineup is Tadayuki Iwa from BLACK RABBiT.

The title of his interpretation of Kaiju Killer is “Berserker”. With the image of a mad warrior, who continues to fight even when he is bleeding, in mind, he created this work. Water pressure transfer printing, polarized paint, candy color, electronic plating etc...This is a masterpiece using a variety of paints and coating techniques, and therefore cannot be mass-produced.

According to the artist himself, it took more time and effort than last year's KING KORPSE, which was produced using the same techniques. I am very satisfied with this outstanding piece. Please come to our booth at Tokyo Comic Con to see this work in person. Due to polarized paint and carbon processing, the appearance of this Kaiju Killer changes depending on the angle of view.

The last work in the lineup is made by INSTINCTOY.

The title off this one-off custom is “God of the Sea, POSEIDON”.

Kaiju Killer is an original character created by the collaboration between JAMES GROMAN × INSTINCTOY. Kaiju Killer was inspired by the image of a cyclops, and in Greek mythology, the god of the sea, “Poseidon”, is considered the “father” of the cyclops Polyphemus. This one-off custom work is inspired by this myth and is expressed by this color design. We applied dynamic coloring on a clear body. Please enjoy the unique beauty of this clear soft vinyl figure in person at our booth.

<Sales method>

Just like the sales method for one-off works sold in Thailand (TTE) this year, there will also be a kind of “silent auction” for the customers who wish to purchase these works.

Please contact us until 13:00 on November 24th (Sunday, the last day of the Tokyo Comic Con). In regards to joining the business negotiations, in addition to contacting us at the venue, you can also contact us by email. Customers from overseas are also welcome to join. Please feel free to contact us about the "silent auction" in <Japanese / English / Chinese / German> (4 languages).

Reception email address→instinctoy.niklas@gmail.com (English/ German)

If you are coming to the venue, please get in touch with our specialized STAFF, they will be in charge of the negotiations.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.